• Senior citizens building gets votes to go forward

    Nelson County Fiscal Court voted 4-1 at a Nelson Fiscal Court meeting Tuesday to approve the bid for the renovation of the Nelson County Senior Citizens Building. Jeff Lear, Magistrate for district 2, voted against. The low bidder was Kleinholter Construction, Louisville, at $1,063,000.

    Watts said the Equipment and Grounds Committee evaluated the possible types of roofing material that could be used on the project and decided to use a less expensive roofing material.

  • Council addresses ongoing business

  • Wastewater testing requirements may be relaxed for some industries

    The first reading of a Bardstown city wastewater ordinance amendment that would reduce the frequency of wastewater output testing for some Bardstown industries passed unanimously after only brief discussion at a meeting of the Bardstown City Council Tuesday evening.

    Under the proposed ordinance amendment, the city would relax testing requirements for industries discharging less than a significant amount of wastewater per day that have not demonstrated a history of problems.

  • Cemetery committee limits cremations per grave

    A maximum of two cremations will be permitted per grave in the Bardstown Cemetery, the cemetery committee voted Wednesday.

    Two cremations will also be permitted in a plot in which a casket is also buried, the committee concluded.

    The scattering of ashes in the cemetery is also prohibited after a vote Wednesday.

    Cemetery Sexton Bobbe Blincoe said the question came up after an unusual request.

  • More recycling receptacles are coming to Bardstown

    Bardstown may add a new recycling drop-off location, tentatively in the area of Nelson County Industries, with the help of a state grant, Assistant City Administrator Larry Green said.

    Bardstown City Council approved bids for several recycling-related purchases Tuesday that will be funded by a $81,359 Kentucky Pride Fund grant awarded to Bardstown a few weeks ago.

    Protainer bid $36,302 for two recycling trailers, and Smith Equipment bid $2,878 for two eight-yard dumpsters, though Green said the city will likely buy four from the company.

  • Bloomfield looks for ways to pay for $2 million sewer system upgrade

    Fiscal issues dominated Monday night’s Bloomfield City Council meeting as council members struggled to find ways to pay for a $2 million sewer system upgrade and to cover a project shortfall of $126,000 in next year’s budget.

    A number of ideas were presented and discussed to increase revenue, including a double-digit property tax increase proposed by councilman Walt Pozgay and a 5 percent Insurance Premium Tax outlined by councilman Denny Howard. The city of New Haven currently employs this tax method.

  • Senior center bids come in over budget

    A Louisville construction company has entered the lowest bid to head up the renovation of a new Nelson County Senior Citizen Building. Five bids were opened Tuesday morning by Nelson County Judge Executive Dean Watts, with Engineer/Solid Waste Director Brad Spalding and magistrates Bernard Ice and Keith Metcalfe also present.

    Kleinholter Construction bid a total $1,063,000 to renovate 6,000 square feet of the former Plaza Shopping Center west of the Justice Center and build a new roof and install new brick on the entire building.

  • Wastewater ordinance up for vote Tuesday

    City council members are expected to vote on the first reading of an amended wastewater ordinance Tuesday.

    The proposed ordinance could reduce the frequency of tests required for industries that discharge pretreated wastewater into Bardstown’s treatment system.

    “The point of the ordinance is if we see industries with flows that are not significant, we do not want to test,” City Engineer Larry Hamilton said.

  • Council addresses sewers, wastewater

    Bardstown City Council Members went into a working session after passing the occupational tax ordinance Tuesday.

    The council kicked off its working session by stepping up efforts to keep tabs on oil and grease collection.

    City Civil Engineer Jessica Filiatreau presented permit applications to city council members. The form is a survey for restaurants, gas stations, nursing homes and other businesses using the city sewer system.

  • Sanitary sewer smoke testing begins Wednesday