FORREST BERKSHIRE/The Kentucky Standard
A semi struggles to make it up the hill on East Stephen Foster in front of My Old Kentucky Home State Park Wednesday morning. Further down, Springfield Road slowed to a crawl as several semis slid off the pavement and tow trucks struggled to reach them.
Winter's last blast

It sure didn’t look like spring.

The heaviest snowfall of winter arrived hours after spring came, according to the calendar, Tuesday afternoon, and by the next morning had blanketed Nelson County in a thick coat of white.

The streets and roads in Bardstown, though, didn’t become hazardous until around 7 a.m., and by then it was too late for many to decide to stay home.

Sheriff Mike Newton said there was only light snow where he lives in New Haven, and U.S. 31E was clear until he got to Bardstown, and that’s where it got bad.