• Partnership offers summer reading help for kids

    As Ronda Bertrand’s group finishes their book Thursday, each child is handed a small paper character to act out the story and better understand what they have read. Across the room, Karen Scout’s and Karen Bain’s groups take turn reading allowed, while Brian Wright helps one of his students work through a challenging sentence. The extended activity at the Nelson County Public Library was not only engaging the kids on a summer morning, but helping them grow as readers as well.

  • Handloser named new OKH principal

    A candidate with both educational and personal ties to Old Kentucky Home Middle School was selected to be its new principal Friday afternoon. The school’s site based decision making council (SBDM) voted unanimously to hire Robin Handloser during a special-called meeting.

    “You had some stiff competition and they worked a lot of hours to figure out the best fit for this school and they feel like you are it,” Director of Student Support Services Bob Morris told Handloser of the SBDM’s selection.

  • County Schools have spots to fill as admins resign

    Nelson County Schools have welcomed two new principals this month with the selection of Tanya Jury at Nelson County High School and Robin Handloser at Old Kentucky Home Middle, but as the district fills these positions, others have come open.

    Last week, Assistant Principal Paige Wood informed Bob Morris, with the district’s human resources department, that she had been offered a position in Marion County and planned to resign.

    “This is bittersweet,” Wood wrote. “This is the only place I’ve worked for 26 years.”

  • Brainstorming sessions generate ideas for Nelson County Schools

    Establishing consistency was a recurring theme Tuesday as Nelson County Schools introduced its next phase of community meetings with brainstorming sessions. Those sessions, meant to generate ideas on how to address concerns identified last week, began with the topic of school safety and conduct.

    Despite a larger turnout during the listening phase, the brainstorming session had a little more than a dozen participants, including Superintendent Anthony Orr and a few other district officials. Most who attended were teachers.

  • Berry takes issue with substitute pay, dress code

    Diane Berry wants substitute teachers to be paid more. It’s a concern the Nelson County School Board member has expressed previously and Monday night’s meeting was no different.

    Currently, a substitute who is a retired teacher can make $125 per day. Substitutes who are not retired teachers can make between $70 per day and $90 depending on rank, working an average of eight hours.

    “You get what you pay for, and I’ve never been an advocate of just $70-$125,” Berry said. “I really have a hard time with this scale.”

  • Public voices concerns to school board again

    Monday’s school board meeting saw a smaller crowd than prior gatherings, but those who attended had a lot to say when it came time for guest comments.

    Larry Adamson was the first to approach the podium and his focus Monday was on Horizons Academy, where he worked until the end of the school year.

  • NCS brainstorming sessions taking place

    Playing of off concerns identified at a series of meetings last week, Nelson County Schools is continuing summer efforts this week with brainstorming sessions.

    “We’ve generated a lot of ideas,” Superintendent Anthony Orr said.

    Some have been critical of the meetings on social media, saying things like “too little, too late,” or calling the process a “smokescreen” to distract from problems.

    But Orr says he believes the district will see some short-term gains to start, and work its way to long-term approaches.

  • NCS teachers re-evaluate school culture

    Five Nelson County Schools teachers, along with Superintendent Anthony Orr, came together Thursday morning to discuss ways to improve school culture for the last day of town hall meetings during the week.

    The main topics of the meeting were establishing a consistent culture across schools and making sure everyone — teachers, students and parents — feel valuable to the school system.

    “Am I just doing this paperwork to check a square or is it really going to be important?” asked Col. Donna Lucchese, a teacher at Nelson County High School.

  • REMINDER: Nelson County School Board Meeting change

    As a reminder, the Nelson County Board of Education's regular June meeting was rescheduled for Monday, June 19 at 6:30 p.m. The meeting will be held at the Central Office, 288 Wildcat Lane in Bardstown. The agenda for the meeting as sent to media has been posted below. Brainstorming sessions for the district will also kick off on Tuesday, June 20 at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. at Old Kentucky Home Middle School. Tuesday's session will focus on student/school safety.


    Nelson County Regular
    June 19, 2017 6:30 PM
    Central Office

  • An ‘unspoken’ connection

    Talking to the wall or trying out three accents for one phrase might not appear normal to the everyday observer, for but for members of the Bethlehem High School Speech Team, it’s just another part of practice.

    Since being revamped about four years ago by coach Jenny Neel, the Bethlehem High School Speech Team has shown tremendous progress in the region, state and nation.