• Witnesses prove tension around deal that turned deadly

    Prosecutors wrapped up their arguments in the murder case against Alexander Roberts late Wednesday, following two days of testimony by nearly a dozen witnesses that included Nelson County Sheriff’s detectives, forensic specialists and teens who knew both the accused and the victim.

    The defense called more witnesses, including Roberts, Thursday morning before the jury adjourned to deliberate on whether Roberts committed murder when he stabbed Rasheed Wickliffe in the neck on Dec. 1, 2015.

    The arguments wrapped up just after 11 a.m. Thursday.

  • Public Record-Divorces-July 28, 2017

    Helen Renee Phillips, 55, Ronald Lee Turner, 53, divorce final June 7 (date of marriage 9/1/84).

    Nellie Rebecca Beavers, 31, Shawn Allen Vance, 34, divorce final June 7 (date of marriage 4/21/12).

    Ila Marie Hays, 42, Chae Lamar Jackson, 42, divorce final June 7 (date of marriage 12/12/93).

    Karen Lynn Livers, 48, Lonnie Dale Davis, 50, divorce final June 7 (date of marriage 4/6/02).

    Brandon Wayne Williams, 33; Brittney Dawn Pike, 38, divorce final June 7 (date of marriage 7/14/12).

  • Public Record-marriages-July 28, 2017

    Richard Allen Miller, 47, Bardstown, security guard; Kristian Nichole Marie Livers, 20, Bardstown, unemployed.

    Alex Jones, 22, Manchester, England, chemistry technician; Leigh Anna Voigt, 26, Bardstown, librarian/student.

    Tiffany Brooke Buckman, 33, Bardstown, lab technician; Joseph Sherrill Lyvers, 27, Bardstown, laborer.

    Matthew Joshua Morris, 31, Bardstown, supervisor, Wild Turkey Distillery; Andrea Faith Wallace, 28, Bardstown, pharmacy engagement coordinator.

  • Public Record-Citations-July 28, 2017

    Paula Dunn, 1977, alcohol intoxication in a public place, time served, 3/28/17.

    Bobby Cornish, 1989, public intoxication controlled substances, $213, 3/29/17.

    Evan J. Lyons, 1994, public intoxication controlled substances, $163, 4/18/17.

    William F. Bowman, 1994, two counts creel and size limits for fish, $213, 3/28/17.

    Daniel Higdon, 1977, resident fishing without a license/permit, $193, 3/20/17.

  • Public Record-Property transfers-July 28, 2017

    Quitclaim-Heather Logsdon to Heather Logsdon and Matt Beuhler, both of Bardstown, Lot 4 Valley View Estates, Phase I, $232.

    Chuck Reid Construction LLC to Steven Convery, both of Bardstown, Lot 106 Ashbrooke Meadows Subdivision, Phase 6, $186,400.

    Kyler Wright, of Clearfield, to Jeffrey Decker, of Bardstown, Lot 8 Creek Chase Subdivision, $130,000.

    Culpeper VII LLC, of Bardstown, to Shiv Shankar LLC, of Mount Washington, Lot 1 Old Ben Acres, Phase 1, $670,000.

  • Public Record-Zoning permits-July 28, 2017

    Zoning permits for July 8-July 21

    Till Ballard, 104 Southfork Tail, conventional detached single-family dwelling.

    Alec and Chelsey Medley, Shumate Lane, conventional detached single-family dwelling.

    Charles and Amanda Medley, 459 Ed Pile Road, 12’ x 12’ storage shed.

    Pedro and Gloria Lamboy, 205 River Crest Drive, conventional detached single-family dwelling.

    Mike and Christy Mingus, 280 Cripple Creek Road, conventional detached single-family dwelling.

  • Prosecutor: This was a set-up

    Special Prosecutor Jeffrey Prather told a Nelson County jury Tuesday that the death of Rasheed Wickliffe in Bloomfield on Dec. 1, 2015, was not an accident and was not a “drug deal gone bad.”

    “This was a set-up,” Prather said in his opening statements in the murder trial of Alexander Cole Roberts.

    Prather said prosecutors would present evidence that Roberts intended to rob Wickliffe and that he had referenced using violence against his mark.

  • Search for impartial jurors consumes first day of murder trial

    There is no disputing that Alexander Cole Roberts killed Rasheed Wickliffe in Bloomfield on Dec. 1, 2015, in what police have described as a drug deal gone bad.

    The question is whether it was justified, at least in Roberts’ own mind, his defense attorney told jurors before opening arguments had even begun.

  • Murder trial with troubled past set to begin Monday

    It has been more than 20 months since Rasheed Wickliffe was killed in Bloomfield on Dec. 1, 2015, but the murder trial of his accused killer, which has been marked by a series of setbacks and complications, is set to begin next week.

    Jury selection begins Monday morning in the trial of Alexander Roberts.

    The case has progressed as far as jury selection one time before, but a mistrial was declared in November after Roberts was led into the courtroom while shackled in front of a jury.

  • Murder case certified as death-penalty eligible

    Four people who stand accused of killing a Bardstown teenager during a May robbery could face the death penalty after filings last week in Nelson Circuit Court.

    Prosecutors certified the murder and robbery charges as capital offenses that carry the potential for severe sentences, including imprisonment for 20-50 years, life, life without parole for 25 years, imprisonment for life without parole, or the death penalty.