• Filings offer preview to oft-delayed murder trial

    A trial date has been set, again, for Alexander Roberts on murder charges, despite prosecutors’ appeal to a higher court seeking to introduce new evidence.

    Nelson Circuit Court Judge Jack Seay last week scheduled a trial for July 24, at least the fourth trial date for Roberts, who is charged with the murder of Rasheed Wickliffe in Bloomfield Dec. 1, 2015.

  • Public Record-Drivers licenses-March 10, 2017

    The following received a driver’s license in February 2017

    Seth Price, Joseph Cecil, Garrett West, Collin Diaz, Isaac Crume, Caroline Middleton, Alexis Schrader, Eli Hall, Jesse Lee, Richard Carwile, Savanna Hall, Madison Veech, Hope Kelley, Wyatt Love, Miranda Sulzer, Katherine Jordan, Madison Faulkner, Alison Barnes, Christopher Unseld, Chandler Culver-Harrell, Randall Dewitt, Jacob Lanham, Evan Roby.

    The following received an intermediate license in February 2017

  • Public Record-Citations-March 10, 2017

    Kendal Deacon, 1956, no insurance, $500.

    Aisha Knott, 1996, speeding, $193.

    Crystal Jones, 1981, disorderly conduct, $143 plus 90 days/90 days suspended.

    Jeffrey Harrison, 1965, alcohol intoxication in a public place, $213.

    Eli Wethington, 1995, disorderly conduct, $163 plus 90 days/90 days suspended.

    Pamela Alfaro, 1982, possession of marijuana, $163 plus 10 days/10 days suspended.

    Brooks Houck, 1981, local county ordinance, $163.

  • Public Record-Property transfers-March 10, 2017

    Vincent Cecil and Richard Cecil, co-executors to Richard Cecil, of New Haven, real estate in Nelson County, $13.

    William and Michelle Crepps, of Cox’s Creek to William and Michelle Crepps, real estate in Nelson County, $1.

    Quitclaim-David Parkerson to Carolyn Goben, both of Bardstown, Lot 153 Woodlawn Springs, Golf and Residential Resort, Phase Five.

    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, of Atlanta, to Hagan & Harned LLC, of Bardstown, Lot 18 Westland Subdivision, Addition NO. 1, $63,000.

  • Public Record-Zoning permits-MARCH 10, 2017

    Zoning permits for the weeks of Feb. 13-24.

    Travis Wallace, 206 Antlers Trace, 30’x40’ detached garage..

    Brandon Burress, 3040 Bellwood Road, 50’x64’ barn with 24’x32’ lean-to and a 20’x60’ lean-to.

    Charles DeWitt Coon Hollow Road, conventional detached single-family dwelling.

    Bardstown Bourbon Company LLC, 1500 Parkway Drive, grain elevator and 8 grain bins.

    Kim Houston, 106 Westview Drive, enclosing existing 29’x19’ carport.

  • Eight indicted for organized crime

    Eight people were indicted Wednesday on charges of engaging in organized crime in connection to a September drug raid by the Greater Hardin County Narcotics Task Force.

    Details on each person’s level of involvement were not included in the indictments, but the indictments generally accused them of participation, support or management of a criminal syndicate for the purposes of trafficking in crystal methamphetamine.

    Those indicted were:

    • Timothy L. Yonts, 47

    • Javanna L. Reiter, 64

    • Blair Zachery, 27

  • Nelson County Court indictments from Feb. 1

    Note: The indictment of a person by a grand jury is an accusation only and that person is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

    The following people were indicted Feb. 1 by a Nelson County grand jury. They were set for arraignment in Nelson Circuit Court Feb. 16.

    Jennifer Bailey, 33, of Bardstown, second-degree burglary. On or about Dec. 13, 2016, Bailey unlawfully entered or remained in a residence with the intent to commit a crime. Bail was set at $9,500 cash only, plus conditions.

  • WHAT NOT TO WEAR: How spectators appear in court could affect cases

    A local family seeking justice for their son is preparing for a long awaited murder trial this week. But supporters have been warned that how they appear in the courtroom Wednesday could potentially affect proceedings.

    As the trial for accused killer Alexander Cole Roberts has been delayed in court several times, family and friends of victim Rasheed Javon Wickliffe have attended court proceedings. Several attendees at those court appearances wore clothing with Wickliffe’s photo and carried signs related to the case.

  • Family, friends prepare for long-awaited murder trial

    The murder trial for Alexander Cole Roberts is set to start Wednesday in Nelson County Circuit Court. It’s a day for which the victim’s family has waited more than a year.

    “We are asking everyone to be there and to rally together that day,” said Monica Mitchell, aunt of Rasheed Javon Wickliffe, who died from a puncture wound to the neck Dec. 1, 2015.

    Roberts is charged with Wickliffe’s murder, but the teen’s trial has been pushed back repeatedly, and the delays have had the family questioning the local justice system.

  • Bardstown man indicted for sex abuse

    A Bardstown man was indicted by a Nelson County Grand Jury Wednesday for a first-degree sexual abuse charge. Phillip C. Keeling, 25, is charged with subjecting a minor under the age of 12 to sexual contact sometime between Oct. 1, 2016 and Nov. 30, 2016.

    The charge is a Class C Felony.

    Keeling’s arraignment was set for March 2 and his bail was set at $9,500 cash only, plus conditions.