• Marlow pleads guilty to second-degree manslaughter

    Susan Marlow accepted a deal Monday in which she pleaded guilty to the April 2013 shooting death of her on-again, off-again boyfriend.

    Marlow entered a plea of guilty to second-degree manslaughter, while still maintaining her innocence, a few hours after the start of her jury trial, in which she faced the charge of murder.

    Marlow made an Alford plea, meaning she maintains her innocence, but admits that there is enough evidence for a jury to find her guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    As part of the deal, she agreed to a seven-year prison sentence.

  • Child support: Challenging the deadbeat dad

    In a time where the term “deadbeat dad” is most often associated with child support issues, some male custodial parents say there is a bias in the court system when it comes to the enforcement of child support payments from non-custodial parents.

    For Donald Ward, it is the jail time that sparked his fight against the court system, which he believes to be flawed and biased.

    Ward has the experience of being on both sides of the issue. When his ex-wife had custody of their son, Ward was the one paying child support.

  • Child support burden grows as collection remains frustrating

    Chenoa Veluzat knows firsthand the struggle single parents face when trying to provide for a child when the other parent is absent.

    “When my son was in daycare in Louisville, it was $525 a month,” she said. “And that was one of the cheapest places I could find.”

    Veluzat, a single mother to a now 11-year-old boy, struggled to collect child support for more than six years. With a single income and the expense of childcare, support payment could have gone a long way.

  • Bardstown couple indicted on drug charges

    A woman and her husband, whom she is accused of shooting after a domestic dispute in April, have been indicted on a multitude of drug charges.

    A Nelson County grand jury indicted Jill R. and Mark A. Lundy, both of Bardstown, Wednesday for drug charges stemming from the April incident that sent Mark to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds.

  • Nelson County Fiscal Court briefs

    Election Day sales of alcohol approved

    Although the Kentucky General Assembly last year legalized the sale of alcoholic beverages on election days, Nelson County did not alter its local law to reflect that change in time for people to buy beer, wine or liquor on May 20, the day of the primaries.

    The next day, however, the county judge-executive and magistrates took the first step to remedy that oversight by amending its local ordinance to allow those sales during voting hours.

  • Property Transfers: May 23, 2014

    Kristen Saunders, of Louisville, to Citizens National Bank, Lot 13 Millcreek Place, $172.

    Tia and Derek Smith, of Bardstown ,to Betty Raikes, of Cox’s Creek, Lot 55 WhisperingHills Estates, Phase I, $100,000.

    Town & Country Bank and Trust Company, of Bardstown, to Bischoff Brothers Excavating LLC, of Bardstown, real estate in Nelson County, $33,000.

    Your Community Bank Inc., of New Albany, Ind., toJ.R. Royalty Real Estate & Development Inc., of Bardstown, Lot 118 Woodlawn Springs, Golf and Residential Resort, Phase Four, $9,350.

  • Zoning Compliance: May 23, 2014

    Zoning permits for the weeks of May 5 and 12

    Till Ballard, 108 Maggie Lane, single family dwelling.

    Mike Veech, 799 Roberts Road, accessory.

    Jeffrey Cassel, 1139 Bellwood Road, agricultural structure.

    Wayne L Welsh, 228 S. Charity Heights, accessory.

    Charles and Stephanie Hayden, 900 Thomas Lane, single family dwelling/demolition.

    Darrin Izer, 1441 Ed Brent Road, accessory.

    Rodger and Naomi Glass, 274 Lenore Road single family addition.

    Rodger and Naomi Glass, 274 Lenore Road, accessory.

  • Nelson Circuit Court indictments

    Note: The indictment of a person by a grand jury or otherwise is an accusation only and that person is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

    The following people have been indicted by a Nelson County grand jury. They are set for arraignment in Nelson Circuit Court May 22.

  • Public Record-Driver's Licenses-May 8

    The following received a driver’s license in April 2014:

    Courtney Lampkin, Kimberly Fulkerson, Brandon Downs, Quinton Lyvers, Tyler Morrison, Allison Burba, Terry Newkirk, Sharron Smith, Chandler McElwain, Riley Castleman, Matthew Martin, Evan Magruder, Austin Martinez, Kaitlyn Nalley, Wesley Bischoff, Hannah Peek, Marie Blevens, Alicia Bedolla, Bryan Adams, Samantha Reeder, Jacob Unseld, Jessica Hutchins, Randall Spencer, Alyssa Berry and Jared Gant.

    The following received an intermediate license in April 2014:

  • Public Record-Citations-May 8

    Daniel Gifford, 1990, speed, $183.

    Justin Farmer, 1987, speed, $143 plus state traffic school.

    Steven Johnson, 1982, speed, $203.

    Marin Cortez, 1978, no operator’s license, $143 plus 90 days/90 days suspended.

    Jeremiah Adzam, 1956, speed, $203.

    Kyle Stith, 1993, improper equipment, $163.

    Richard Atcher, 1972, speed, $183.

    Michael Tunnel, 1986, speed, $173.

    Perry Seigrist, 1977, speed, $167.

    Roth Taylor, 1985, no/expired registration plates, no insurance, $713.