• Unlawful searches

    Police body camera video has gotten plenty of attention in the past week as Bardstown city officials have considered suspension of the use of the cameras, at least until they can buy better equipment and software.

    However, the videos have been useful in recent decisions by Nelson Circuit Court in deciding to suppress evidence in two drug search cases.

    Both cases involve a Bardstown Police Department K-9 officer, Kyler Wright.


  • Former police captain suing city, mayor

    Tom Roby, a former captain with the Bardstown Police Department, has filed a lawsuit after being fired from the department earlier this year.

    Roby announced his intention to file the lawsuit in June, for “wrongful demotion, discharge and the defamation of his character,” according to his attorney, Keith Sparks, after being accused of destroying records while cleaning out his office.

    On May 31, it was alleged that Roby had committed a felony by “tampering with public records.”

  • Public Record: Citations, July 29, 2016

    Alburn Rooks, 1940, disorderly conduct, $213.

    Mark Dennison, 1967, possession of marijuana, $263.

    Brandie Clark, 1977, assault fourth degree, $163 plus 120 days/120 days suspended.

    Alice Drury, 1976, theft by unlawful taking, $163 plus 180 days/170 days suspended.

    William Monday, 1990, DUI, possession of controlled substance, $888 plus 6 months, alcohol and drug education.

    Misty Cobble, 1977, local county ordinance, $163.

    Joseph Cobble, 1977, local county ordinance, $163.

  • Public Record: Zoning Compliance, July 29, 2016

    Zoning permits for the week of July 11

    Casey Rogers, Bellwood Road, 16’ x 60’ single-wide manufactured home.

    Hayden Stratton Co LLC, 168 Wildcat Lane, 5’ x 9’ covered porch onto front of existing 30’ x 50’ commercial structure.

    Brian K. Chesser, 3114 Old Bloomfield Road, 30’ x 42’ pole barn with 12’ x 30’ open lean-to.

    Richard Epley, 213 E. Beall St., 12’ x 16’ shed.

    Angela M Adkins-Johnson, 6290 Loretto Road, 10’ x 12 shed.

  • Court to continue Whitesides case in private

    Almost two months after a grandmother waas subpoenaed to testify about her former vehicle, which investigators suspect might be connected to a local woman’s disappearance, it is still unclear as to whether or not she will have to appear before a grand jury.

    Anna Whitesides took the advice of her counsel and invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination after she was subpoenaed in May. A decision on whether or not that claim would stand was expected to be made in court Wednesday — after having been pushed back from a June court date.

  • Crowded jail makes money for county

    Last Thursday, Nelson County Jailer Dorcas Figg had 130 inmates in a jail built for 102.

    Not all of them had committed local crimes. Some were state inmates who were there because there’s no room for them in the prisons.

    Since the 1980s, the Department of Corrections has been contracting with counties to hold its lower-risk prisoners to ease the crowding in its own facilities. But now it’s the county lockups throughout Kentucky that are overcrowded, and the state is considering temporarily reopening private prisons to ease the burden.

  • Public Record-Citations, July 1, 2016

    Marshall G. Mullins, 1965, possession of marijuana, failure to or improper signal, $288 plus 10 days, 10 days suspended.

    James G. Green, 1975, menacing, 90 days.

    Brandon Wayne Brooks, 1991, second-degree promoting contraband, 90 days.

    Tammy Mason, 1970, theft by deception, including cold checks, $256.25 plus restitution and 30 days, 30 days suspended.

    Brian A. Cooper, 1968, violation of Kentucky EPO/DVO, $163 plus 365 days, 365 days suspended.

  • Public Record-Property Transfers, July 1, 2016

    LLC, of Boston, to Lucas Young, of Boston, real estate in Nelson County, $16,700.

    Strobel Properties I, LLC, of Boston, to Strobel Properties I, LLC, real estate in Nelson County, $1.

    Houck Properties LLC, of Bardstown, to Audrey Lewis, of Bardstown, real estate in Nelson County, $59,500.

    Heaven Hill Distilleries Inc., of Bardstown, to Robert and Valerie Mayer, of Cox’s Creek, real estate in Nelson County, $25,852.

    Joseph Boone and Anne Snellen, to David and Tiffany Boone, all of New Haven, real estate in Nelson County, $200,000.

  • Public Record-Zoning Compliance, July 1, 2016

    Zoning permits for the week of June 13

    Tim and Susan Roby, Maywood Ave., detached conventional single family dwelling

    William Hall, 45 Mobley Mill Road, 10’ x 12’ open lean-to addition onto existing 50’ x 60’ barn.

    Sherry G. Fenwick, 105 Highland Drive, 10’ x 12’ deck addition with 30’ round above-ground pool attached to rear of existing home.

    George Halk, 4460 New Shepherdsville Road, 20’ x 24’ enclosed addition onto existing barn.

  • Former county resident files for felony expungement

    Barbara “Bobbie” Cook said 2005 was a really bad year for her.

    “I got in a lot of trouble,” she said. “I was just running around being crazy. I was young and stupid.”

    Cook, originally from Florida, moved to Nelson County in the early 2000s. Cook said she dropped out of high school, got her GED diploma and “started meeting all the wrong people and started doing all the wrong things.”