• Public Record-Property Transfers, Oct. 23, 2016

    David Keith, of Bloomfield, to William Bunn, of Shelbyville, real estate in Nelson County, $118,500.

    David Ballard and Diane Thompson, to Terri Fox, all of Bardstown, real estate in Nelson County, $265,000.

    Brandon and Teraca Ford, of Cox’s Creek, to Rebecca and Stephen Durham, of Bardstown, Lot 5 Mallards Landing, Phase I, $211,000.

    Quitclaim-Jason Mattingly, of Chaplin, et al, to Everett Weymouth Sr., of Fairfield, real estate in Nelson County.

  • Public Record—Citations: Oct. 21, 2016

    The following citations were printed in the Friday, Oct. 21, 2016 edition of The Kentucky Standard

    Lucinda Downs, 1969, no seat belt, $25.

    Victoria Newton, 1991, no seat belt, $25.

    Jacob Norris, 1982, no seat belt, $25.

    Zachary Fairfax, 1992, no seat belt, $25.

    Eric Greer, 1996, no seat belt, $25.

    Ronald Nally, 1977, no seat belt, $25.

    Anthony Wilkerson, 1994, no seat belt, $25.

    Edward Allen, 1972, no seat belt, $25.

  • Motion made to prohibit drug evidence in Bloomfield murder case

    Almost a year after Alexander Roberts was arrested and charged with murder in the death of Rasheed Javon Wickliffe, his attorney is seeking to prohibit the introduction of drug evidence found at the defendant’s home.

    Roberts, who was 18 at the time, was indicted on murder and tampering with physical evidence shortly after Wickliffe’s body was found near the Bloomfield Post Office Dec. 1. Wickliffe, a recent Bardstown High School graduate, had died from a puncture wound to the neck.

  • Emails filed in lawsuit show concerns in December of some police officers violating chain of command

    Among documents filed in former Bardstown Police Capt. Tom Roby’s defamation suit are copies of emails showing issues with some officers respecting the proper chain of command.

    The emails show those issues dated back to at least December, when former Bardstown Police Chief Rick McCubbin learned some police officers were going around him and directly to the mayor.

    Bardstown Mayor John Royalty seemed to have some unspecified issues with vehicle maintenance in a December 22 email concerning a business owned by Joe Prewitt.

  • Wrongful termination, defamation suit seeks 7-figure judgment

    Recent filings in a lawsuit against the City of Bardstown revealed a potential price tag should the plaintiff prevail — $2.7 million.

    That number includes $1 million for “embarrassment, humiliation and mental/emotional anguish” and $1.7 million in punitive damages, according to the filing by Keith Sparks, the attorney for former Bardstown Police Capt. Tom Roby.

  • Former Nelson County woman gets felony expunged

    Barbara “Bobbie” Cook wanted to “freak out” after getting an 11-year-old felony off of her criminal record Thursday morning.

    “This is life-changing,” she said.

    Cook was 19 years old in 2005 when she was convicted of complicity to theft by unlawful taking or disposition from the Speedy Mart on Bloomfield Road. The amount she was convicted of helping to take was more than $300, which made the crime a Class D felony in Kentucky at the time. Cook was sentenced to three years in jail, withheld, and five years probation.

  • Public Record: Nelson Circuit Court Sentencings, Sept. 23, 2016

    The following people were sentenced recently in Nelson Circuit Court. All had previously entered a plea of guilty or had been found guilty during a criminal trial.

    • Steven B. Carmicle, 52, of West Chester, Ohio, was sentenced to five years in prison for flagrant non-support. Carmicle was conditionally discharged for a period of five years or until arrearage paid in full. From Oct. 1, 2014, through Dec. 31, 2015, Carmicle failed to provide support resulting in an arrearage of $5,368.20.

  • Public Record: Nelson Circuit Court Indictments, Sept. 23, 2016

    Note: The indictment of a person by a grand jury or otherwise is an accusation only and that person is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

    The following people have been indicted by a Nelson County grand jury. They were set for arraignment in Nelson Circuit Court Sept. 22.

  • Public Record: Citations, Sept. 23, 2016

    Frankie Byrd, 1968, no seat belt, $25.

    Katelynn Mitchell, 1995, changing drivers-car in motion (reckless driving), no seat belt, $268.

    Joseph Johnson, 1991, no/expired Kentucky registration receipt, $163.

    Kimberly Woodson, 1968, speeding, $163.

    Nick Yeast, 1992, speeding, $167.

    Julie Holley, 1965, speeding, $163.

    Emily Lear, 1990, speeding, $163.

    Marie Miles, 1959, speeding, $163.

    Joshua Scanlon, 1984, no/expired registration plates, $168.

    Paul Allen, 1987, no seat belt, $25.

  • Public Record: Property Transfers, Sept. 23, 2016

    Irene and Elwood Bingham to Raymond and Amanda Loranger, all of Bardstown, Lot 32 Stonehouse Road, $146,000.

    David Mattingly Inc., of Bardstown, to Aquinda Sue Woodrum, of Bardstown, Lot 35 Phase II Liberty Heights Subdivision, $100,000.

    Michael and Aquinda Woodrum, of Bloomfield, to Carlos Clark, of Bloomfield, et al, Lot 37 Section II Springhill Subdivision, $146,500.

    Kenneth and Karel Disponett to Roy Wigginton II, all of Bloomfield, real estate in Nelson County, $195,000.