• Public Record-Divorces-March 9, 2018

    Timothy Oliver, 46, Lanetta McWhorter, 43, divorce final Nov. 9 (date of marriage 12/23/92).

    Deborah Boyer, 48, Donald Fiedler Jr., 55, divorce final Jan. 2 (date of marriage 6/21/14).

    Mary Gribbins, 37, Edgar Gribbins, 42, divorce final Jan. 3 (date of marriage 5/21/15).

    John Blasak, 55, Roswitha Keipert, 51, divorce final Jan. 3 (date of marriage 6/18/93).

    Jeannie Bowling, 51, Steven Watkins, 53, divorce final Jan. 4 (date of marriage 7/30/94).

  • Public Record-marriages- March 9, 2018

    Paul Ethridge II, 42, Louisville, minister; Rebecca Kreamer, 61, Vanceburg, disabled.

    Colin Cissell, 31, Bardstown, manager; Elizabeth Holt, 25, Bardstown, registered nurse.

    Timothy Lescinski, 29, Lake Mary, Fla.; Hannah Filiatreau, 22, Lake, Mary, Fla., journalist.

    William Greenwell III, 30, Bardstown, assistant director of technology; Shelby Brown, 26, Bardstown, assistant editor in chief.

    Wesley Benningfield, 24, New Haven, Vittitow Cabinet installer; Ashley Mattingly, 24, New Haven, registered nurse.

  • Public Record-Property transfers-March 9, 2018


    Quitclaim-Brett and Michelle Hubbard, of Greenwood, Mo., to James Dadisman and Carrie Chastain, of Lexington, real estate in Nelson County, $145.

    Quitclaim-James Dadisman and Carrie Chastain, of Lexington, to Adam Stricker, of Bardstown, Lot 28 Bridgepointe Estates, Phase I, $145.

    Adam and Jessica Stricker to Sherry Wimsatt, all of Bardstown, Lot 28 Bridgepointe Estates, Phase I, $164,500.

    Miranda Tucker, of Lebanon, to Thomas Fenwick, of Bardstown, real estate in Nelson County, $155,000.

  • Public Record-Citations- March 9, 2018

    Dates on citations indicate when the offense was adjudicated, not when it was issued

    Bridget McKinney, 1983, shoplifting, 90 days/90 days suspended (11/27/17).

    Margaret Cortes, 1978, no seat belt, $25 (10/3/17).

    Matthew Douglas, 1982, possession of synthetic drugs, drug paraphernalia, no seat belt, $388 plus 730 days/690 days suspended (12/1/17).

    Tamatha Ferguson, 1968, assault fourth degree, $163 plus 90 days/90 days suspended (12/7/17).

    Dominique Taylor, 1991, disorderly conduct, $163 plus 20 days/20 days suspended (12/15/17).

  • Proposed law could mean fewer inmates

    Nelson County officials may have to rethink whether they want to build a new jail if a Senate bill to reduce felonies to misdemeanors becomes law.

  • Nelson Circuit Court sentencings from Feb. 8, 2018

    The following people were sentenced recently in Nelson Circuit Court. All had previously entered a plea of guilty or had been found guilty during a criminal trial.

  • Nelson Circuit Court Indictments from Feb. 21, 2018

    Note: The indictment of a person by a grand jury or otherwise is an accusation only and that person is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

    The following people have been indicted by a Nelson County grand jury and had arraignments set for March 8.

  • Public Record-Citations- Feb. 23, 2018

    Dates on citations indicate when the offense was adjudicated, not when it was issued

    Michael Cinnamon, 1980, disregarding stop sign, $168 (10/18/17).

    Jonas Boone, 1998, no/expired registration plates, $163 (10/17/17).

    Samantha Torusio, 1987, speeding, $173 (10/16/17).

    Justin Cline, 1988, speeding, $175 (10/12/17).

    Abigail Page, 1986, speeding, $173 (10/11/17).

    Sue Hood, 1927, disregarding stop sign, $168 (10/18/17).

    Daniel Ballard, 1977, no seat belt, $25 (10/6/17).

  • Public Record-Property transfers-FEB. 23, 2018


    Wilmington Savings Fund Society, of Minneapolis to Chuck Reid Construction LLC, of Bardstown, real estate in Nelson County, $112,000.

    Linda Douglas to Ramon Aguayo, both of Bardstown, real estate in Nelson County, $14,050.

    Joseph and Renate Masterson to Suzette Rapier, all of Bardstown, et al, Lot 19 Eastland Subdivision, $90.

    David and Sharon Martin to Brenda Figg, all of Bardstown, Lot 20 Castle Cove Subdivision, Phase 2, $164,400.

  • Public Record-Zoning permits-Feb. 23, 2018

    Zoning permits

    Jan. 20-Feb. 9.

    Eric Hart, 2084 Woodlawn Road, Addition of 1195sf finished and 989 sf unfinished per site plan.

    Bardstown Warehousing Inc., 924 Withrow Court, add 15’x15’ area for sprinkler pump room inside existing building.

    Barbara Greenwell, 6252 Bloomfield Road, 70’x120’ pole barn.

    Patrick Welch, 429 Lutheran Church Road, 12’x30’ lean-to addition to 30’x30’ existing barn.

    Suzanne Cox, 6831 Nat Rogers Road, Interior Alteration to remodel existing home.