• Time for sharing Fred’s favorite Christmas poem

    Every couple of years I like to revisit my father’s favorite Christmas poem inspired by Clement Moore’s famous work ‘Night Before Christmas.’ The writer is unknown but he or she certainly was a gardener; and you may even get some last minute gift ideas from its verse.

  • Just a few of my favorite things for gift giving, receiving

    No matter what you celebrate during December it likely involves some sort of gift giving. Manufacturers have made certain that our options are unlimited when it comes to giving to the gardener, but some gifts are more useful than others! Don’t waste your money on the cute but useless or the useful but cheap. Consider, instead, some of these items that are favorites among my serious gardening friends.

  • Outstanding youth win district awards

    Nelson County Farm Bureau contest winners represented the county well at the 5th District Farm Bureau youth contests Nov. 6 in Spencer County.  Eleven counties comprise the 5th District vying for the title of Kentucky Farm Bureau Female Outstanding Youth, Male Outstanding Youth and Variety Showcase Winners.  

  • Milk on trial: Class-action suit against Dean, others involves local dairies

    The news that Dean Foods delivered to the approximately 27 dairy farmers and their families gathered at the Bardstown-Nelson County Civic Center Dec. 2 was both a relief and a disappointment for many local dairies: Prices for milk in 2011 were expected to average 30 cents higher than in 2010, reported Brent Bunce, Dean Foods director of business development-producer relations.

  • NCHS FFA chapter competes at national convention

    For the 83rd time, FFA members from throughout the nation gathered for their national convention this October. Among the 54,942 attendees was the local Nelson County FFA chapter, being represented by the Agricultural Issues team and through participation in the National Agriscience Fair.

  • 4-H has Livestock Youth Investment Sale

    The 2009-2010 livestock program came to a close this year with a Livestock Youth Investment Sale. Club members selected their project and raised them to market weight. Goats, swine and beef cattle were auctioned to provide funds to youth who participated in the 4-H or FFA livestock programs. Youth will invest these funds in a variety of ways. Some will be saving for college, while others will be investing in an animal for the next program year. More than 80 sponsors contributed to the sale of 14 market animals.

  • Exotic spices add ‘seasoning’ for many holiday traditions and seasonal foods

    Considering how the quest for exotic spice fueled exploration around the world in the 15th century it is no wonder that our favorite holiday flavors herald from around the world. From Southwest India to Southeast Asia we find cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and mace.

  • Fresh-cut, live or artificial for your Christmas tree?

    Picking out the perfect Christmas tree is serious business for me.  Some may find it a trivial chore but I want a tree that will be worth the effort of cleaning, moving furniture, hauling boxes, lights, stepladders and more.  But once the mundane is done then the fun begins.  Each ornament that adorns the tree has a story to tell about my grandparents, parents or me.  The tree is indeed important because it holds the past. And it must hold the past, in the form of many beloved ornaments, securely and with style.

  • Cranberry bogs bring in the harvest this season

    Did you know that the cranberry used to be called the “craneberry?” When the colonists first learned of this berry from their American Indian hosts in the New World, they thought the blooms of the native shrub looked liked the long neck and bill of the crane. Eventually, as language goes, it was shortened to cranberry.

  • Travel with caution: The annual deer rut is on

    Just last week my own local paper, The Sentinel-News, had a cautionary article about deer and their movements this time of the year. It’s a dance that can cause injury to car, body, or storefront in some cases. It seems there is a story at least once in which a deer walks into a local business or busts into someone’s living room. I am here, however, to remind you that your young trees are vulnerable too; love and hormones can make for some crazy behavior and the deer rut has begun.