• Gear up for orchard maintenance

    I am so grateful that my husband, Andy, is in charge of the orchard. Fruit tree maintenance, I am convinced, is an art. There are details to pruning that can make or break good fruit set, branch structure and ability to pick when the limbs are laden with ripe fruit. While I understand the basics I am glad Andy is the one who executes the task. 

  • Local student admitted to veterinary school at Auburn Univ.

    Natalie Meyer, Bardstown, has been admitted to the professional program at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine as a member of the class of 2015.
    Meyer earned a degree in chemistry in 2005 from the University of Kentucky.
    The veterinary program at Auburn is the oldest in the South and the  nation’s seventh oldest.  More than 6,250 doctors of veterinary medicine have graduated since the first degrees were officially awarded in 1909.

  • Skunk season is now upon us

  • Agriculture Water Quality Act requires action for some

    The Agriculture Water Quality Act was passed by the Kentucky State Legislature in 1994. It states that landowners with 10 or more acres in agricultural production must develop a water quality plan. If you farm 10 or more acres in Kentucky or plan to harvest trees on 10 or more acres, then you are required by Kentucky state law to implement an agriculture water quality plan.

  • Tulipomania and the need for some chilling time

    Spring bulbs popping up everywhere as temperatures roller-coaster from the teens to the 60s have left many scratching their heads; there is not much we can do to fool Mother Nature so we must be patient and hope that we have a decent display come March.  I have some foliage that has turned to mush but the bulb and bloom are still safe beneath the soil surface; the bulb will send up fresh foliage in due time. The real issue with the crazy weather is that our bulbs need sufficient dormancy and chilling time in the ground in order to bloom well. 

  • Discovery Child Care participant in the USDA food program

    Discovery Child Care LLC, 104 Keystone Ave., Suite 3, Bardstown, KY 40004 is a participant in the USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program administered by the Kentucky Department of Education.

  • Family, consumer sciences extension agent here to help

    By Dayna Parrett
    Extension Agent


    As your new Family and Consumer Sciences Extension Agent in Nelson County my job is to work for all of you. I’ve been here in Nelson County since May when I started as an intern with Extension. On Nov. 1, my job became official and I’ve been working hard ever since.

  • Winter perennials have summer-like foliage

    Most people would say that there is not much going on in the garden during the winter months. I beg to differ. There are dozens of plants out there doing something interesting.  Some are just showing their pretty bark or their sculptural quality bare of leaves. Others are just beginning to emerge and will be blooming soon.  And others just have some crazy quality that allows their foliage to look as fresh and clean as a spring garden despite the fact it is winter in Kentuckiana.

  • Tea leaves and herbal concoctions

    We visited friends in Boulder, Colo., during the Christmas holiday and had an opportunity to visit the Celestial Seasonings Tea Company that is headquartered there. In fact, this one factory produces all of its tea sold worldwide. 

  • How to name a species

    Most of us are not fluent in Latin so distinguishing between an Aesculus parviflora and an Aesculus pavia may take some extra effort. Throw hybrids and cultivars into the mix and our plant choices may increase with our confusion.