• Winter is time to plan out your garden

    January is in full swing and most days are too cold or wet to be outside working in the backyard, so take this treasured downtime to plan out a new landscape bed, restructure any tired looking beds or maybe even redesign your entire yard.

    Landscape design can be a bit intimidating, but it’s not as difficult as you may think.

  • Local dogs taking part in Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl

    From shelter pets to stars, two area puppies have been selected to appear on Animal Planet’s annual Super Bowl spoof — The Puppy Bowl.

    “We’ve had two puppies selected every year,” said Heather Nelson, vice president of Barktown Rescue where the local puppies were selected from. This is the third time Barktown has been contacted by the show. Nelson said the Boston-based rescue is the only Kentucky rescue featured in this year’s program.

  • BACKYARD GARDENER: Putting your landscape to bed for winter

    As the gardening season has come to an end, now is the time to put your garden and all of your tools to bed. It’s time to batten down the hatches and prepare for the frigid cold temps and the nasty snow and ice. As the Game of Thrones motto goes, “winter is coming,” and you need to prepare for the attack.

  • Blooming gifts may require special care

    Nelson County Farm Bureau was recognized during the 97th Kentucky Farm Bureau (KFB) annual meeting in Louisville for its outstanding membership and program achievement in 2016. The award honors county Farm Bureau offices who meet the company’s profitability requirements and whose insurance policy growth meets or exceeds its annual growth goal.

  • Five great gifts for the gardeners on your list

    By Chris Coulter, Agriculture Columnist

    Like it or not, gift giving has somehow become a very big part of what was once the celebration of Christ’s birth. Of course, we all like to receive gifts, and if you are going to receive a gift, you might as well get what you want. If you are a gardener, you might want to leave this list around for the last-minute shopper in your house. I asked myself, what five items do I use the most in my farming endeavors?

  • Want some winter interest? Plant with berries

    December has ushered in some seasonal weather with daytime temperatures hovering in the 40s. For us this is perfect winter weather to work in. Brisk, but not too cold, it can be invigorating for animals and people alike. The sheep and the big dogs seem to prefer it, in fact. The playful frolicking is proof. The clear, blue sky on a chilly winter day can be even more beautiful with a little winter plant interest.

    We all say we want winter interest, but sometimes we forget about it once spring rolls around and we get excited about a new season.

  • Winter is the time to plan next year’s garden

    By Chris Coulter

    With Thanksgiving over and Christmas fast approaching, this time of year often marks the end of the growing season on the farm and a short respite until we pick back up again in February. Even with some winter vegetable production and the normal farm chores, we take this time to look back on the past season and see what was successful and what wasn’t. The seed catalogs started rolling in last month and most of the planning schedule and our ordering are completed before the end of the year.


    Sarah Hall, daughter of Matthew and Gina Hall of Cox’s Creek, grew a 10-1/2 pound sweet potato on their family farm.

  • Autumn brilliance

    By Kristopher Fante, Backyard Gardener

    When you hear the word brilliance, one usually thinks of a person who is bright, intelligent, or has great wisdom. When I hear the word brilliance, I think of a shrub that is intense, vivid in color, and just a wonderful specimen to have in the landscape.