• The sentiment behind Valentine

    I suspect most of you have no idea about the person and the saintly episode that is commemorated each Feb. 14 by friends, family and most importantly, lovers. In fact, there are several versions of how the most romantic saint became a commercial success.

  • Applications for KFB scholarships available now

    The holiday season may have come to a close, but Kentucky Farm Bureau has one more gift to give to a select number of high school seniors across the state — college scholarships. Later this spring, the KFB Education Foundation will award college scholarships ranging from $400 to $4,000 to 87 high school seniors pursuing a four-year degree.

  • Pottinger elected to Soybean Association Board

    Quint Pottinger of Nelson County was elected by his fellow farmers to represent them on the Kentucky Soybean Association Board of Directors at the recent Kentucky Commodity Conference. Pottinger is a member of the newly formed Lincoln Trail Area, which consists of Grayson, Breckenridge, Meade, Hardin, LaRue, Nelson, Washington and Marion counties. He replaces Ryan Bivens of LaRue County, who served the maximum of three three-year terms as an area director.

  • Amending soil for garden prep

    The rules on amending soil have changed over the years. Part of the change relates to the fact that good soil is hard to come by in new developments, where enormous earth-moving equipment is used to level trees and land. This equipment not only removes valuable topsoil, it also compacts the subsoil and kills much of the living organisms that make up a healthy soil system. The less we disturb the soil, the better. But for many, the reality is bleak, so some sort of amendment is necessary to improve tilth, drainage and nutrition for our plants.

  • Warm fire or smokey chimney?

    The fire season has finally started — in the fireplace, that is!

    Early winter was so mild, I wasn’t sure if we would be in need of some extra warmth. Last week’s frigid temperatures changed all that, and we have the wood stacked and sorted for easy access as we lay a fire for the evening. However, not all wood is created equal if you plan to use it for warmth in the fireplace.

    Since I have perfected my wood-splitting technique, I have come to understand different species of wood and their burning potential.

  • Winter weather warning

    As the first big snow of the year hits Nelson County, the National Weather Service is warning of more.

    As of Wednesday, Nelson County was among several counties in Indiana and Kentucky in the path of a winter storm system that dropped snow on the area throughout the morning.

    According to an NWS advisory, a winter storm watch is issued in the area for Thursday night through late Friday night or early Saturday morning, and will likely bring snow accumulations, resulting in hazardous road conditions.

  • Repurposed pines

     Throughout the month of January, Bernheim Forest is encouraging the community to extend the life of Christmas trees by recycling the pines as mulch for the arboretum.

    “Once it composts for about six months, we’ll turn it and then we’ll take it out into the garden pavilion, the education center, or just where we need it,” said horticulturalist Casey Hammet.

    Hammett and James Moody spent Monday afternoon loading the trees into a wood chipper, adding to an already extensive pile of wood debris collected from the grounds.

  • Spay/neuter clinics available now

    From spring to summer, the number of kittens entering animal shelters across the country begins to climb.

    At the Nelson County Humane Society, hundreds of kittens will come through its doors within a year, but only about one in four will be adopted. The number of good homes is limited, and until efforts are made to control the growing population of unwanted kittens, it’s a challenge the shelter will continue to face.

    From now until March, the Humane Society is pushing for the community to spay and neuter cats so as to help decrease this number.

  • A gardener’s Christmas poem

    Every couple of years, I like to revisit my father’s favorite Christmas poem, inspired by Clement Moore’s famous work ‘Night Before Christmas.’ The writer is unknown but he or she certainly was a gardener; and you may even get some last minute gift ideas from its verse.

  • Holiday greenery has symbolism

    Holiday greenery has a history that goes well beyond the Victorian Christmas tree we gather around today. Most of the holiday greenery we use to decorate dates back to the pagan holidays of the Romans and Northern Europeans, when certain plants were chosen for their symbolic powers of restoration and protection.