• Seeking God’s face with grace not superstition

    Circle this date on your calendar: Feb. 15, “John Frum Day.”

    Celebrated on the remote South Pacific island of Tanna, on John Frum Day islanders dress up as American G.I.s, with “USA” painted in red on their bare chests and backs and march in perfect step with bamboo rifles on their shoulders.

  • Glory revivals come in all sizes

  • Religion Notes: Feb. 3, 2012

    Little Union Baptist to have gospel

    Little Union Baptist Church, 4620 Little Union Road (two miles from Fairfield on Little Union Road) will have a gospel sing, 6-8 p.m. Feb. 12 featuring “Heavenly Reign” and “Living Faith” both of Shepherdsville, Jimmy Grigsby from Washington County with Melinda Pulliam on piano and “Blessed” from Taylorsville.  Fellowship and refreshments to follow.

    St. Catherine Valentine’s dance

  • ‘Souper’ Bowl kicks off this weekend

    Cooks will face-off at the sixth annual Souper Bowl of Caring Saturday to compete for the 2012 title of soup and chili champion.

    Young parishioners organized the Souper Bowl of Caring to help fight hunger in the community by organizing a soup and chili cook-off and silent auction for the Super Bowl weekend. The young parishioners are members of the (W.O.W.) youth group at St. Joseph Proto-Cathedral. Students from Nelson County High School, Bardstown High School, Bethlehem High School, St. Joseph School and home-schooled students are active in W.O.W.

  • Are churches relevant today?


    First Presbyterian Church


    A few weeks ago someone confronted me about the relevance of the church. He pointed out many flaws in the church such as pride, pharasic attitude, divisions, a cub like organization, etc.

    True these conditions exist in the church. They exist because the church is not a museum for saints but a hospital for sinners. True the church does not always live by its ideals but it is still relevant.

  • RELIGION NOTES Jan. 27, 2012

    Old Gospel Barn gospel sing

    Old Gospel Barn will have a gospel sing 7:30 p.m. Jan. 28. Special Guests are Gospel Harts and the Cumbos. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.


    Catholic adult education

  • Photo: Choir director recognition
  • Religion Notes: Jan. 20, 2012

    Faith Worship Center to have guest speaker

    Faith Worship Center will have a special speaker, Dr. Macel Ely 10:15 a.m. Jan. 22.

  • Are you still looking for signs from God?

    For the most part I’m not a fan of the “Messages from God” billboards (“What part of ‘Thou Shalt Not’ didn’t you understand?” “Keep using my name in vain and I’ll make rush hour longer,” “You think it’s hot here?”).

    Launched a few years ago by a Fort Lauderdale advertising agency, there are 17 messages in all, each one signed simply “God.”

    I do, however, like the one that says, “Well, you did ask for a sign.”

    That always makes me laugh.

  • Religion Notes Jan. 11, 2012

    St. Catherine Catholicism series