• RELIGION NOTES: July 24, 2015

    Gospel singing

    Old Gospel Barn, 11286 Louisville Road, will have a gospel sing at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, July 25. Special guests are the Sextons from Hardyville and the Cumbos. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

    Manton Music Jamboree

    The Manton Music Jamboree will be noon to dusk on Sunday, July 26, at 6964 Cissellville Road in Manton. Free admission and refreshments are available. Live entertainment from local musicians will be provided. Bring your lawn chairs and your entire family and enjoy a relaxing, fun-filled day in Manton.

  • Finding your place to feel like you belong

    A few weeks ago, a caller to our Sound Off line opened up a can of worms by saying he or she has visited many churches and has concluded that the people who want to pay attention to the sermon sit up front and the people who want to gossip and talk about people sit in the back two rows.

    The caller asked, “Is that a tradition? It seems like every place I go and talk to people it’s the same problem everywhere.”

  • Religion Notes: July 17, 2015

    Bardstown Baptist lawn chair theater

  • How far will love go?

    Years ago, my granddaughter Caroline couldn’t be trusted to not make a run for it in a crowd.

    As a toddler, she was notorious for breaking loose from my daughter’s grasp and taking off running. She was also fearless and overly friendly when it came to approaching strangers and, if given the chance, would follow anyone anywhere, especially if offered candy or a puppy or a sip of Diet Coke.

  • RELIGION NOTES: July 9, 2015

    Bardstown Baptist lawn chair theater

    Bardstown Baptist Church’s Children and Family Ministry will have a lawn chair theater at 8 p.m. Friday, July 17. Bring lawn chairs for a night of fun under the stars. There is no charge, but you can bringing a small toy for the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox program. Set up on the front lawn at the church, 101 W. Brashear in Bardstown. Find more information at  www.bardstownbaptistchurch.org of call the church at 348-3866.

  • When mercy is the severest gift

    Over the years I’ve heard hundreds of stories from people about how they came to faith in Christ, or how God delivered them from something that had them bound or how they were drawn closer to God because of a certain situation.

  • What do we do if we disagree?

    This weekend is the Fourth of July. If your family is like mine, you know that in addition to sparklers and fireworks, there will be powder kegs ready to explode on Saturday.

    Our nation is embroiled in layers of ideological controversy and conflict right now. The persistent presence of racism in our nation has again been made vividly visible by the murder of churchgoers in Charleston, S.C., and the many black churches torched in the last two weeks.

  • PARSON'S PONDERINGS: Prejudice is a cancer, forgiveness heals
  • Imagine no religion

    Imagine a world without borders, possessions or religious beliefs, John Lennon asked in his 1971 single. Forty-four years later, what was unimaginable to many then isn’t anymore.

    Today, the fastest-growing religious affiliation in the country is no religion, or “nones.”

  • RELIGION NOTES: June 19, 2015

    Loretto Motherhouse recital

    Christopher Robinson, a recent graduate of the College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati, with Denine LeBLanc, piano, will give a violin recital at the Loretto Motherhouse at 3 p.m. Sunday, June 21. All are welcome. Admission is free.

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