• Severns Valley pastor to be nominated for KBC president

    The Western Recorder

    ELIZABETHTOWN — Severns Valley Baptist Church Pastor Bill Langley will be nominated for the presidency of the Kentucky Baptist Convention, the state’s largest religious organization with 750,000 members, at this year’s annual meeting in Florence.

  • The high cost of freedom

    Billy Holland
    religion columnist

  • Parishes welcome new priest

    St. Joseph Proto-Cathedral in Bardstown and St. Michael Parish in Fairfield recently welcomed a new pastor, who arrived in the area at the end of June.

    Wilfredo Fernandez, 34, was recently ordained into the priesthood for the Archdiocese of Louisville and is ready for his first assignment.

    “This is an experience for me,” Fernandez said. “Since I am not in school anymore, I’m not in this little bubble that we used to have that protects us from everything.”

    But he is excited for his new adventure.

  • Learning to enjoy the ride

    When I first met my husband, he drove a brand-new 1973 Mercury Comet GT, white with orange pinstripes along the sides and orange vinyl interior — and a manual transmission.

    As Barry attempted to teach me how to drive it, I proved myself to be a willing student, but not an adept one.

  • PHOTOS: "You should be here"

    The lawn, parking lot and walkway outside of St. Thomas Parish was packed Tuesday night as family, friends and members of the community attended a prayer service for Crystal Rogers. The Bardstown mother of five went missing one year ago. It was an emotional scene Tuesday as her children, siblings, parents and extended family held each other close.

  • RELIGION NOTES: July 1, 2016

    Open Door Christian Center

    Open Door Christian Center, 2345 Taylorsville Road in Bloomfield will have a special remembrance service at 10:45 a.m. Sunday. Music will be provided by Victory Road Quartet and the Gospel I’s. There will be a meal following the service. There will be no evening service. Everyone is welcome.

    Blueprint for Life

  • Celebrating Corpus Christi Sunday
  • Differences between then and now

    By Karl Lusk

    The headlines in the print media and the lead-ins on broadcast media are filled with violence. Whether it’s an apparent murder or motor vehicle crash locally, another Louisville gunshot death, the horrible massacre in Orlando, or a story about seven killed in Chicago, we are immersed in situations that tax our abilities to comprehend or understand.

  • RELIGION NOTES: June 24, 2016

    Old Gospel Barn

    Old Gospel Barn, 11350 Louisville Road will have gospel singing at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, June 25. Special guests will be the Sheltons from Shepherdsville. Admission is free, and everyone is welcome.

    Taize service

  • Die before you die

    By David Reeves, guest columnist

    Almost every day, I take a walk through a sea of headstones. Most of them are small and identical. A few are imposing and ornate. All of us end up at such a place, or in an urn, or in a lab at a medical school. But death is not the great Satan. It is the flip-side of the coin of life. And in linear terms, you will be dead much longer than you will be alive. This is not morbid, it’s just reality. Woody Allen had a good line: “I don’t mind dying; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”