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  • ‘Evil Dead’: Can this remake be better than the original?

    If you saw the Sam Raimi 1981 version, then you can determine the parts you like and dislike as compared to this 2013 remake. This is an expected gorefest and not-so-much horror-fest since we know from the movie’s advance publicity that again we have young adults put into jeopardy. One by one they’ll be picked off with stereotyped punishments for whatever reason the screen writers have devised.

  • ‘Jurrasic Park 3-D’: How has the No. 1 dinosaur film fared after 10 years?

    Everyone knows the story of “Jurassic Park.” It can be seen on the TV schedule at least once a week. So let’s talk about how the addition of 3-D to the format adds to theater attendees’ enjoyment of the movie. First, let’s praise 3-D for getting the colorful, adventurous thrill film back on the big screen. In one simple word I can describe the experience as “Super!”

  • ‘Olympus Has Fallen’: Die Hard in the White House

    I wish I could say that this film is new and exciting with some fresh adventures. But, alas, it is a re-hash of other more thrilling adventure films. Certainly, you will see the resemblance to Bruce Willis’ trials in the “Die Hard” films, now Gerard Butler has even more dash and certainly more hair.

  • ‘The Call’: Is revenge ever as acceptable as justice?

    Jordan Turner’s day as a 911 operator started normally. The usual small emergencies were reported and dispatched. The usual misuses of 911, such as finding the closest Starbucks, were also scolded and hung up on. Then a kidnapping crossed Jordan’s (Halle Berry) desk. 

  • 'The Host': Are these ETs friendly or not?

    What if everything you love was taken from you in the blink of an eye? Answering that question is the plot of “The Host,” a sci-fi drama exploring an extra-terrestrial invasion by a life form which takes over our human bodies as hosts and eliminates all of earth’s problem. 

  • ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’

    I liked everything about this film except the characters. How is that possible? Long before Dorothy and Toto drop into the Land of Oz, there is the back story for the wizard, and how he got there. Remember from the “Wizard of Oz” we learned that of all the inhabitants, he is the only one who is a typical human. In this prequel to Dorothy’s adventures, which occur much later, we meet the Munchkins, good and bad witches, horses of a different color, the Oz soldiers (Ho, Ho, Heave Ho) and others.

  • An unforgettable tribute to a family’s determination

    “The Impossible” is one of last year’s Oscar-nominated films to remain in theaters. It tells the harrowing adventures of one family’s trials to find each other during the record-breaking tidal wave in southern Asia, in Thailand to be exact. It is one account of a family caught, with tens of thousands of strangers, in the mayhem of one of the worst natural catastrophes of our time.

  • ‘Side Effects’: A twisty tale of conspiracy and revenge

    You’ve seen those TV ads for drugs which are required to tell you all the dangerous side effects which make you reluctant to take the drug at all? This movie has at its basis a psychiatric drug. With side effects! But that’s not all. There are other things going on. My task is to tell you those parts of this twisted mystery without giving away its shocks. I’m not sure you’ll know what has transpired until the film is over; then you ask “How did this conspiracy end? And who won?”

  • ‘Warm Bodies’: Not your average zombie story

    I beg you not to dismiss this film because of its subject matter. It’s a lesson in social relations and love set simply in a future which is revoltingly grim. There is some minor blood-letting, but it won’t gross you out. See, this young couple carry it off nicely.

  • ‘Silver Lining’s Playbook:’ Film offers a life plan for the emotionally challenged

    Patrick (Bradley Cooper) is a mess. He can’t control his temper, nearly beating to death more than one person in unmanaged anger. When we meet him, he has just been released from a Baltimore mental institution. His mother, Dolores (Jacki Weaver) has picked him up against his psychiatrist’s advice because the court has dismissed him. His first problem is with a close friend inmate (Chris Tucker) which happens just outside the hospital. More involvement later, but that’s good.