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  • ‘John Carter’ of Virginia — and Mars!

    Before there was George Lucas and “Star Wars,” and before there was James Cameron and “Avatar,” there was Edgar Rice Burroughs and “John Carter of Mars” and a series of successful books. Most people remember Burroughs as the creator of the Tarzan tales. Now, “John Carter” comes to the screen in a bold, lavish production that certainly starts this year’s movie calendar with a splash of epic content. Unfortunately, there is little original in this fantasy film.

  • Stephen Foster auditions
  • ‘The Artist’ Oscar-winning old-fashioned romance filmed in an old-fashioned way

    Movies: Starting with silent/black & white; special effects; talkies; color; 3D; wide-screen; stereo sound; digital film; CGI spec effects; digital projection; 3D; and finally back to silent/black & white. Films have gone through many technologies. Some have replaced earlier processes such as talkies after silent even though there were naysayers who proclaimed that sound would ruin the movies. Color would also ‘ruin the movies.’ But films have outlasted each ‘improvement’ and audiences still converge on their neighborhood movie palaces year after year.

  • Movie Review: ‘This Means War’

  • Not your usual silly romance movie

    Paige (Rachel McAdams) falls madly in love with Leo (Channing Tatum), but he falls for her more. This is clearly shown through flashbacks. We never doubt the love that is shared between them. An informal wedding makes them a couple sharing an unbelievable marriage. Then, a car accident puts Paige in a coma, and when she wakes up with severe memory loss, Leo works to win her heart again.

  • ‘Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close’ Son on a quest finds something more cherished

    Thomas Horn’s naturalistic performance as Oskar Schell is so honest, expressive, and natural that it almost overcomes any self-consciousness we feel about this young pre-teen’s brittleness in the character. The movie rests on that performance and makes it work for us.

  • ‘The Devil Inside’ — What happened to Maria Ros

    After seeing this latest faux documentary about getting devils out of human minds, I asked myself, “Aren’t men ever invaded by unholy spirits? Nevertheless, here we are with a grown daughter who is trying to find out what happened to cause her mother to be transported from the U.S. to a sanatorium in Italy after she has confessed to killing three church personnel.

  • Three holiday releases

    “The Darkest Hour”:

    Surviving another attack from outer space


    “The Darkest Hour” is the story of five young people who find themselves stranded in Moscow, fighting to survive in the wake of a devastating alien attack by invisible ETs who turn humans into ashes. This would-be thriller highlights the destruction of Moscow’s historic beauty amidst state-of-the-arts special effects and 3D. Basically an unknown cast struggling with a loose script. Definitely a cheap thrill for diehard sci-fi fans.

  • Civil War era movie filmed in local, surrounding areas

    Lincoln Homestead State Park and a Springfield  horse farm will be the backdrop in some scenes of an upcoming Civil War-era film.

    Production crews garnered attention at the park recently as traffic was briefly stopped at times while filming took place.

    The movie — a title wasn’t disclosed — was also at Stephen Foster in Bardstown and Copper Canyon near Hopkinsville.

    Writer, director and producer Fred Ray said the film is “a small drama with some gunfire.”

  • ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’

    This English version of the best-selling Swedish novel is a buy-one get-one free mystery. Not only is a decades old mystery solved, but when our hero is trapped in a libel case, that too is straightened out. Please excuse if I sometimes abbreviate the complicated Swedish names. We’ll both keep our sanity.