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By Staff

10 years ago August 2001


Local man wins trip after Survivor Challenge

A hot August weekend in the woods, hunting for jars of peanut butter and setting up camp earned Mark Cecil, Cox’s Creek, a trip to the Bahamas.

After hearing about a Survivor Challenge weekend on the radio, Cecil signed up by writing a letter. Out of 70 letters the group was narrowed down to 30 or 40 people to interview for 16 available spots, Cecil said.

In the end, Cecil and 15 others arrived in Campbellsville near Green River for the Survivor weekend. The weekend works similar to the “Survivor” television show. A group consisting of two “tribes” work together to build huts, eat and perform challenges. The challenges test the participants’ strength, durability endurance and intelligence.


BORN: Benjamin Todd to Todd and Dawn Beavers, July 16; Alyssa Marie to Chadd and Angela Bishop, July 20; David Manuel to Lt. Mark D. and Cheroly A. Ruiz, June 27; Hunter Marie to Dr. and Mrs. Charles Gordon, June 14; Kelsea Lanae Sorentrue to Stephen Sorentrue and Stephanie Ritchie, July 21; Michael Hunter Donahue to Jackie Riley and Mike Donahue, May 30; Bailey Lynn to Joe and Stacey Hicks, July 9; Johnathen Dewayne to Trenessa and Stephen Auberry, July 20; Cambron Grant to Travis and Michelle Stone, July 17; Alexandra Kay Rogers to Dennis Rogers and Angie Simpson, July 19; Josie Marie to Craig and Ruth Hamilton, July 18; Ryan Norris Lee to Karen and Bryan Trent, June 22; William Joseph to Keith and Jan Sidebottom, July 20; Nathaniel Scott to Stephen and Michelle Jones, Aug. 2; Katherine Grace to Anthony and Kimberly Drury, July 31; Jessica Catherine to Robert and Kathy Bailes, June 1; Jasmine Nichole to Buechel and Connie Adams, Aug. 6; Kelsey Michelle Newton to Michael Newton and Naomi Jordon, Aug. 3; Margaret Dequenna to Greg and Tracy Hall, July 23; Christopher Ethan to Chris and Lynn Lyvers, July 28; Eliza Faye to Bill and Julianna Shehan, Aug. 9; Nicholas Edward to Rachel and Daniel Brindle, July 19; Lyndsey Gaye Vittitow to Craig Vittitow and Jennifer Pike, Aug. 3; Jasmine Nicole to Stephanie and Jason Davis, July 30; Kevin Joseph to Keith and Abbie Grabbert, May 21; Bradley Scott to Tommy and Buffy Greenwell, Aug. 10; Dane Thomas to Eric and Gwen Blandford, Aug. 10; Savannah Emilee to Ken and Lee Hicks, Aug. 6.

MARRIED: Nancy Bellucci to Randy Riley, April 21; Brenda Masterson to Jeff Thompson, June 30; Kimberly Hettinger to John Wentzel Jr., July 14; Shirley Price to Mitchell Curtsinger, June 23; Alicia Greenwell to Jeremy Thompson, May 11; Heather Burkhead to Matthew McCaulley, April 14.

DIED: Lizzie Bobblitt, 88; Jackie Kirkpatrick, 72; Harold Elmore, 81; Katherine Lewis, 79; Jay Pegago, 37; Anthony Cissell; Betty Snyder, 59; Debbie O’Keef, 50; Joseph Keeling, 80; Luther Inmam, 80; Robert Reed, 76; Kenneth Hardin, 75; Thomas Edlin, 38; Thomas Griffin, 70; Minerva Jett, 88; Fannie Masden, 94; Lucy Cook, 75; Alma Hutchins, 87; Virgie Lee, 80; Tony Riggs, 65; Rosie Sturgill, 68; Nina Hendren, 75; Bobby Clark, 71; Ruth Edwards, 81; John Kyle, 65; George Reiter, 85; Zulu Kindervater, 79; Tootsie Conely, 85; Sr. Estelle Mattingly, 94; Philip Hagan Jr., 72; Mary Robey, 87; Roland Coulter, 23; Clelland Kidwell, 70; Isaac Hall, 88; Elizabeth Summers, 90; Sr. Ann Brown, age unknown.