Years ago in The Standard: 40 years ago - March 1971

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Nelson County High hosts first tourneys

A real treat is coming up here for area sports fans the next few weeks.

For years local basketball fans have been crammed and stuffed into smaller gyms here to watch district tournament games —if the game was enjoyable, the stuffiness of the place was not.

The treat—Things will be different this year. No crowded doorways, no smoke-filled hallways and no jamming in the seats. Not only that, the fans will be able to see the regional tournament here as well as the district.

Nelson County High School will host both the 19th District and Fifth Region tournaments in its spacious, comfortable 4,400 seat gym.


BORN: Lawrence Holmes to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Donnelly; William Patrick to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miles, March 2; Michael Kevin to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Donahue, March 2; Tracey Lee to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hall, March 5; Karen Marie to Mr. And Mrs. Thomas Richardson, March 7; Mary Cassandra to Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Inghram, March 7; William Marshall to Mr. and Mrs. Billy Washburn, March 6; Bobbi Carole to Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Hardin, March 10; David Matthew to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Young, March 13; James Byron III to Mr. And Mrs. James Tinnell Jr., March 7; William Allen to Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Downs, March 13.

MARRIED: Ruth Bryant to Cron Broaddus, Feb. 27; Mary Simms to John Allen, Feb. 6; Bernadette Simms to Tandy Way, Feb. 6; Betty Williams to John Figg, Feb. 27; Joan O’Brien to L. Theodore Westerman Jr., Feb. 27; Minnie Osbourne to Donald Head, March 13; Mary Lyvers to James Ice, March 20.

DIED: Thomas Nalley, 67; Charlie Firman, 66; Logan Miller, 81; Robert Critchfield Sr., 49; Evin Keeling, 71; Fred Whitehouse, 85; Mrs. Harvey Seay, 78; James Williamson, 60; James Paslick, 54; Emma Armstrong, 85; Arch Ludwick, 97; Mose Tindle, 91; Tammy DeLay, infant; Agnes Rapier, 88; Charles Downs, 47; Cornelius Boone, 73; Mattie Sherrard, 74; James Blandford, 22; Mike Diemer, 79;  Jack Saltsman, 5; Mrs. Donald Elmore, 34; the Rev. Felix Pitt, 77; Joseph Mattingly, 79; Will Shewmaker, 81; Henry Wilson, 84; Mrs. Louis Mitchell Sr., 58; Robert Jones, 36; C.F. Ballard, 76; Chas. Hall, 70; Mrs. Frank Hill Sr., 89; Susan Borders, 95; Henry Beam, 76; Richard Head, 64; Alta Ruschival, 56; Mayme Harris, 85; Ida Clemens, 85; D.L. Lewis, 35; Shannon Wigginton, age unknown; Katie Crume, 78; Cleophas Ballard, age unknown; Charles Gilbert, 69; Charles Bivens, 29; Mattie Chesser, 85; Mary Knight, 80.