Years ago in The Standard: 10 years ago - March 2001

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BG exit ramp moving in July

Some political heat and community concerns prompted the state to expedite the relocation of a low visibility exit ramp on the Blue Grass Parkway last year. Now the exit’s relocation is expected as soon as July.

According to Kenny Fogle, principal assistant to the Transportation secretary in Frankfort, Parkway drivers can expect a new ramp and increased visibility at BG exit 21.

More than a year ago the state announced plans to reconstruct exit 21 of the Blue Grass Parkway. The exit leads drivers from the parkway to U.S. 31E.


BORN: Devin Mitchum Curtsinger to Pamela Curtsinger, Feb. 17; Sarah Elizabeth to Shane and Christina Carmine, Feb. 23; Steven Chase to Steven and Lori Clan, Feb. 25; Carly Mae to Troy and Elaine Beam, Feb. 27; Jacob Isaac Wayne to Travis and Lisa Beam, Feb. 11; Miranda Kathleen to Jamie and Gina Blanford, March 2; Haley Morgan to Patrik and Joanie Viens, March 2; Christopher Bailey Mattingly to Melissa Ann Mattingly, March 3; Garrett Wade to Tina Miles, Feb. 1; Keaton Grant Cambron to Jennifer Clark and Jason Cambron, March 5; Grace Marie to Julie and John Couture, Feb. 28; Lucas Doyle I to Billy and Deleta Downs, Jan. 8; Mallory Morgan to Matt and Denise Johnson, March 3; John Christian to Carol and Randy Lyvers, March 7; Mollie Catherine to Julie and  Philip Carter, March 7.

MARRIED: Melanie Hale to Jamie Draper, June 24; Julie Bullock to Ben Geoghegan, Aug. 19; Stephanie Stucker to Andrew Edmundson, Nov. 18; Susan Newton to Greg Clark, Oct. 28; Allison Carrico to Brian Clements, Sept. 23; Jennifer Coulter to Greg Smith, Oct. 7; Sara Bricker to Todd Taylor, Sept. 30; Darlene Ross to Joseph Cahoe, March 12; Tracey Riggs to Kevin Bickett, Sept. 15.

DIED: James Hayes Sr., 80; Darrell Agee, 47; Anna Hart, 77; Mary Moore, 100; Martha Gunning, 87; Eugene Reynolds, 68; Catharine Cain SCN, 93, Earl Rogers, 97; Richie Hite, 37; Mary Foman, 80; Melissa Bray, 26; Sister Laurita Diekemper, age unknown; Bertron Gillis, 82; Sister Jane Donahue, 97; Jean Rogan, 40; Randall Jolley, 53; William Smalley, 39; John Bartley, 76; Barbara Phillips, 52; Benny Ockerman, 56; Sue Greer, 62; Donnie Boone Sr., 66; Sister Frances Cronin, OP, age unknown; Raymond Shouse, 60; Mary Leake, 78; Joe Bell, 88; Martha Grubbs, 87; James Jones, age unknown; Mary King, 65; Kenny Nugent, 65; Clara Cardenas, 68; Elizabeth Masterson, 85; Jeff Sidebottom, 91; Juanita Bartley, 70; Sister Rose Murray, OP, 91; Betty Bryan, 73; Birdie Nally, 80; Joe Hall, 82; Patricia Lacy, 68; Frank Head, 92; Robert Nix, 74; Mary Spalding, 95; Ruby Molohon, 75; Aloysius Willett, 92; William Bartley Sr., 63; Thomas Leake, 76; Beatrice Hill, 80; Joseph Wathen, 77; Alice Nicols, 86; Barbara Mattingly, 59; Joseph Cundiff Sr., 78; Bill Sheroon, 86; Mary Agnella Collins SCN, 97; Sister Mary Abell, 90; Isaiah Bird, 90; Eleanor Hancock SCN, 84; Rosemary Baker, 64; Wayne Elliott, 90; Lottie Wilcutt, 76; Rose Bear, 74; Gertrude Barber, 76; Sister Eileen Byrne OP, 81; Scott Reid, 30.