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60 Years Ago

February 1951


Modern A&P Food Market at Bardstown opening today


Bardstown’s new A&P Food Market at 222 North Third Street opens today, Thursday, Feb. 1.

This magnificent new food store provides the people of Bardstown and surrounding area with every convenience for speedy and comfortable shopping.

The market is equipped with a new self-service bakery and dairy department’s coffee, candy and tobacco department, refrigerated produce rack, self-service case for smoked meats and semi-self-service attractive meat department.

The concrete black, brick and tile structure, 42x140 feet, is one of the finest food markets to be found anywhere.

It was constructed by W.H. Hahn, local contractor, for Duvall Lodge of Masons, which has leased the first floor to the A&P. The second floor will be used for lodge rooms and for offices, which will be rented. A free parking lot on the south side provides space for 50 cars.

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BORN: Frederick Keith to Mr. and Mrs. James Werner, Jan. 25; Martha Regina to Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Bowling, Jan. 26; George Robert to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Renner, Jan. 22; Gary Charles to Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Miles, Jan. 23; Ann Ruby to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Greenwell, Feb. 25; Byron Michael to Mr. and Mrs. Lummie Barnes, Jan. 20; Elizabeth Ann to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hite, Jan. 27; James Gary to Mr.  and Mrs. James Phillips, Jan. 24; Mary Josephine to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Montgomery, Jan. 25; Ritchie Neil to Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Mudd, Jan. 27; Robert Keith to Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Coulter, Jan. 31; James Ronald to Mr. and Mrs. Leo Price, Jan. 29; Francis Douglas to Mr. and Mrs. Vernie Lyvers, Jan. 28; Janice Carol to Mr. and Mrs. Casper O’Hare, Jan. 27; Barbara Beam to Mr. and Mrs. Jack Boblitt, Jan. 26; Mary Judy to Mr. And Mrs. Theodore Spalding, Jan. 24; Linda Susanne to Mr. and Mrs. Edwin McNeal, Jan. 22; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grenon, Feb. 4; Alice Ann to Mr. and Mrs. James Brooks, Feb. 4; Rita Jean to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Settles, Jan. 31; Veronica Marie to Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Greenwell, Jan. 27; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Billie McMurray, Feb. 2; a son to Mr. and Preston Nalley, Feb. 3; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Hardin, Feb. 3; a son to Mr. And Mrs. Charles Young, Feb. 6; a son to Mr. And Mrs. Allen Brown, Feb. 6; Howard DeFrain to Mr. and Mrs. Victor Loveland, Jan. 30; Dannie Ray to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Raisor, Jan. 29; a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Leo Shoemaker, Feb. 12; Frances Ann to Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Hardin, Feb. 3; Ruby Christine to Mr. and Mrs. Hark Parrish, Feb. 11; William Philip to Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Hall, no date; Mary Brenda to Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Fauker, Feb. 6; Elizabeth Gayne to Mr. And Mrs. William Simpson, Feb. 8; Mary Ramona to Mr. and Mrs. Chester Newton, Feb. 7; Doris Jean to 1st/Sgt. Robert Roby and Mrs. Roby, Feb. 11; Mary Ann to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ball, Feb. 9; Stephen Richard to Mr. and Mrs. John Jones Jr., Feb. 16; Frances Willett to Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Vittitoe, Feb. 17; Mary Virginia to Mr. and Mrs. John Wolf, Feb. 20; Wanda Lorean to Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Downs, Feb. 20; Thomas Firmin to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bryan, Feb. 19; Marion Kenneth to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Holt, Feb. 12; Elizabeth Ann to Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Fletcher, Feb. 16; Bonnie Sue to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Head, Feb. 13; Charlotte Marie to Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sampite, Feb. 17. 

MARRIED: Ellen Kindervater to Charles Spalding, Jan. 26; Juanita Collins to Raymond Green, Jan. 20; Celia Hagan to Edward Keeling, Jan. 25; Lavon Taylor to Carl Wimsatt, Jan. 23; Nancy Mattingly to John Donnelly, Jan. 25; Dolly Nally to T.L. McIntyre, Feb. 3; Frances DeMar to Francis DeWitt, Feb. 6; Margaret Gammon to John Hamilton, no date; Doris Snider to Sgt. Donald Seay, Feb. 18; Janette Willett to Clarence Miles Jr., Feb. 6.

DIED: Curtis Wise, 79; Henry Plock, 78; J.T. Watkins, 65; Velna Keeling, 53; Joseph Blair, 47; Alice Biven, infant; Thomas Shelton, 63; John Sea, 75; Florence House, age unknown; John Mudd, 66; Paul Hohman, 56; Florence Carter, 60; Nan Mathews, 85; Murray Shields, 79; J. S. Royalty, 84; Judge Frank Daugherty, 79; Thomas Child, 5; Ida Brey, 83; Adam Settle, 86; James Culver, 62; Esburn Young, 63; Melvy Jenkins, 81; Butler Clark, 76; James Gaffney, 46; Barber Wilson, 65; Darrell Duncan, infant.