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Flyers are Little League champs


In an exciting down to the wire battle Saturday, coach Cliff Goodlett’s Flyers sneaked past Joe Dodson’s Stars 34-31 to capture the championship of the Optimist League Basketball League.

The Flyers, led by tournament most valuable player Warren Downs, 15 points, got the clenching basket with only seconds remaining. Daryle Bivens had 17 points for the Stars.

Members of the team were Wallace Tonge, John McElvenny, Pat Goodlett, Mike Stucker, Scotty Reed, David Sallee, Warren Downs, Jimmy Phillips, Mark Goodlett, Jeffrey Reed, Greg Hickman and Tim Mackin.

Players on runner-up Stars are Daryle Bivens, Randall Coulter, Kevin Rogers, Mark Sheckles, Johnny Stucker, Frank Hayden, Gene Moran, Danny Hite, Tony Humphrey, Jeffrey Phillips, Mike Payne and Dan Adams.

Goodlett’s Flyers were also finished first in regular season play.

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BORN: Angela Dawn to Mr. and Mrs. John Bunch, Jan. 28; a son to Mr. and Mrs. William Weinberger, Feb. 7; Tracy Lynn to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Parrish, Jan. 30; Mark to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Spain, Feb. 2; Stacy Lynn to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spalding, Feb. 1; Paul Emmanuel III to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ballard Jr., Jan. 30; Owen Ruffus to Mr. and Mrs. Owen Edwards, Jan. 30; William Gary to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Norris, Jan. 30; Kimberly Sue to Mr. and Mrs. James Higdon, Jan. 30; Grace Nanette to Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Downs, Jan. 28; Larry Wayne Jr. to Mr. and Mrs. Larry Lydian, Jan. 28; Timothy Wayne to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Avis, Jan. 28; Christopher Kelly to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Calhoun, Jan. 27; a son to Mr. and Mrs. James Trent, Feb. 8; twins, Catherine Haydon and David Thomas to Dr. and Mrs. Henry Spalding, Feb. 7; Darren to Mr. and Mrs. David Newton, Feb. 7; Chris Anita to Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mock Jr., Feb. 5.

MARRIED: Janice Marksbury to William T. Pike Jr., Jan. 30; Wanda Jones to Eugene Puckett, Jan. 30; Mary Durbin to Bernard Nelson, Jan. 29; Sue Blanford to Joseph Smith, Jan. 30; Juanita Gilpin to Jackie Clemons, Feb. 5; Peggi Brumley to James Walsh, Jan. 30; Sarah Hamilton to Joseph O’Bryan, Feb. 6; Martha Ruschival to First Lieutenant Floyd Murrell Jr., Feb. 5; Jacqueline Avis to Lafe Monroe, Jan. 23; Dorothy Hoerter to John Lewis, Feb. 6; Paula Overstreet to Seaman Recruit Larry Simpson, Feb. 14; Mary Miller to William Lawrence, Feb. 20.

DIED:  Elizabeth Skidmore, 22; Mary Bowman, 65; Martha Lamkin, 81; Neal Hood, infant; Charles Dickerson, 75; George Berry, age unknown; Richard Graves, 74; Clarence Hagerman, 55; Mrs. C.E. Lawrence, 68; Mrs. Serge Alexczuk, age unknown; Thomas Greenwell, 76; James Bell, 56; William Keeling, 65; Leo Bleemel, 51; Margaret LaRue, 80; Walter Raisor, 50; Mrs. Maurice Filiatreau, 81; C. Leo Krebs, age unknown; Grover Dones, 78; George Lyvers, 67; Albert Thompson, 75; Margaret Heape, 38; Mrs. Floyd Stump, 52; George O’Bryan, 80; Henry Milton, 86; Jeffrey Jernigan, 14; Mary Howard, 70; James Johnson, 11; John Nalley, 93; Mary Medley, 69; Lucy Beale, 76; Ernest Davis, 65; Henry Offutt, 45; Joseph Mattingly, 68; Robert Jones, 64; John McGinnis, 57; Peter Diemer, 85; Frank Bean, 86; Mrs.Ogden Stiles, 66; Steve Linton, infant.