Years Ago in The Kentucky Standard — 40 years ago — June 2011

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Bardstown woman wins golf tournament


Evelyn Oakley,  Bardstown, was winner of the sixth flight in the 17th Lady Bug Invitational Golf Tournament last week at the Elizabethtown country club. Other entrants from the Old Kentucky Home Club of Bardstown were Monie Saltsman and Ish Carothers. A total of 112 golfers competed in the 27-hole event, originally scheduled for 36 holes, but rainy weather reduced first round action to nine holes. Marsha Bird, 22-year old Cynthiana native, fired a 119th score to capture the championship title. Mrs. Oakley shot a 145 to win her flight.

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BORN: Angela Marie to Mr. and Mrs. Roger Clark, May 18; Anthony Gwyn to Mr. and Mrs. John Downs, May 19; Don Joseph to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bowling, May 20; Carla Denise to Mr. and Mrs. William Greenwell, May 21; Karen Denise to Mr. and Mrs. Shelby Woford, May 21; Rhonda Gail to Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hardin, May 22; Ronald Edward to Mr. and Mrs. John Hibbs, May 23; Mary Shannon to Mr. and Mrs. William Hurst, May 25; William Francis Lester to Mr. and Mrs. William Bryant, May 30; Robert Patrick to Mr. and Mrs. Francis Vittitow, May 31; Dana Caryl to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kays, May 24; Raphael Lewis to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cecil, June 10; Donna Francis to Mr. and Mrs. James Riggs, June 10; Tammy Renee to Mr. and Mrs. William Fulkerson, June 11; Bradley Joe to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Newsome, June 11; Connie Muzetta to Mr. and Mrs. William Price, June 12; Charles Kevin to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Coulter, June 14; Karen Denise to Sgt. and Mrs. John Downs, June 7; Allison K. to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hahn, May 28.

MARRIED: Mary Hagan to Michael Abell, May 29; Cecilia Crepps to David Hall, May 22; Carol Strange to Walter Staudenbauer, date unknown; Frances Hardin to George Coleman, May 22; Jo Ann Howard to George Ritchie, May 29; Ann McKay to Robert Ballard, Julia Reid to Joseph Osborne Jr., June 12; Donald Bennett to Joan Bradbury, June 11; Betty Pendergrass to Billy Unseld, June 12; Constance O’Bryan to John Paslick, June 12; Brenda Clark to Robert Wilson, June 5; Mary Rapier to William Hardin, June 11; Pauline Hatfield to Joseph Wheeler, June 19; Denise George to Frederick Leathers, June 5; Catherine Beam to Paul Conely, June 19; Rebecca Kendall to Joseph Bowling, May 29; Billie Newton to Michael Tewell, June 19; Beverly Harned to Donald Downs, June 5.

DIED: Duard Brumley, 64; Dicie Spalding, 72; Melissa Hagan, infant; Robert Hall, 66; Clarence Milton, 56; Jim Bradley, 91; Mrs. C.W. Braswell, age unknown; Mrs. Tom Shofner, 54; Howard Jackson, 75; Joseph Miller, 19; Roy Burnside, 28; David Bandy, 22; The Rev. Joseph Watkins, 74; Wallace Crawford, 41; Everett Osborn, 84; Anna Coyle, 66; Roger Moon, 16; Joseph Mattingly, 75; Martha Langford, 85; Tyler Whitehouse, 40; Jams McGimsey, 71; Rita Bowling, 52; Richard Krohr, Jr., 61; Roscoe Gaslin, 87; Lawrence Dones Jr., infant; Pearl Norris, 80; Henry Crutcher, 83; Hubert Snider, 63.