Volunteers are a local treasure

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By Staff

It’s amazing every year that this community can find such deserving individuals to sit in its annual winners circle.

When winners for the Nelson County Chamber of Commerce’s Man and Woman of the Year were announced, no one batted an eye after Dr. Mark Abramovich and Bonnie Drake stepped up to the podium to accept the honors.

Drake, a well-known figure in the community, helped rescue the annual Christmas for Kids venture when the organization that normally ran it disbanded. Her efforts and unique ability to gear up others for a good cause made it possible for more than 550 children to have Christmas that year. With a little more help the next year, she also made sure children didn’t go without again. In addition to the toy drive, Drake has been an active member in several organizations, making her presence known and felt throughout the county.

Abramovich has served his community in a variety of ways, but most recently with the Nelson County Community Clinic. Run by volunteers, the clinic helps those who do not have the insurance needed for even routine doctor visits. The clinic is designed to help those who cannot help themselves.

In addition to the Man and Woman of the Year, the Standard Communications Volunteer of the Year, Doug Alexander, was also honored. A minister who serves with the American Red Cross, Fraternal Order of Police and the Nelson County Sheriff’s Department, Alexander was acknowledged for his volunteerism and the amount he gives to his community while expecting nothing in return.

Our hats are off to these individuals who were honored Friday by their peers for the work they do to help their community.

This community is rich in the people it produces, and it is always refreshing to honor them in the way they truly deserve.

Congratulations to our winners.