United Way needs you

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By Staff

During tough economic times charitable giving decreases just at a time when it is needed most.

That is the major challenge facing the Nelson County United Way as it kicks off its fall campaign. The goal is $185,000, really very modest considering some 16 agencies rely at least in part on United Way funds to provide needed services here.

The backbone of the United Way is payroll deductions coupled with matching grants for corporate givers. Therein lies another challenge for the local organization. For years only two to three of our local plants have accounted for well more than a third of the total giving.

American Greetings, Trim Masters and Tower Automotive give head and shoulders beyond other manufacturing plants. This imbalance cannot be explained by only the sheer number of workers involved. It is obvious that there is a culture of giving in play.

The percentage of givers and the amount given reflect the grass roots support the United Way enjoys from the rank and file as well as the corporations. More than ever the United Way needs the united support of employees and employers in Nelson County.

The need is real and payroll deductions make the giving real easy.