Two-year-old removed from meth lab in bust

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By Forrest Berkshire, Editor

Bardstown Police removed a 2-year-old girl from a suspected meth lab Wednesday and arrested the father.

Ronnie Daniels Jr., 25, of Bardstown, faces charges including manufacturing methamphetamine and child endangerment.

According to a Bardstown Police press release, police served a search warrant at 1421 N. Third St. Wednesday after receiving a tip that the location was involved in producing meth.

When police and child services workers approached the dwelling, they detected a strong odor of chemicals typically associated with cooking the drug, the release states.

Police found two one-step meth labs in the freezer portion of the refrigerator, according to the report. They also found byproducts associated with manufacturing meth, such as pseudoephedrine packaging, lighter fluid containers and lithium batteries, as well as syringes.

“We got this child out of a hellish environment,” Bardstown Police Capt. Tom Roby said.

Roby arrived on the scene about an hour after officers had started ventilating the residence. He said that even with the congestion he was suffering because of a head cold, the environment inside irritated his eyes and throat.

He said the drug was stored “right there with food that was frozen.”

Roby said such an environment is especially dangerous for a small child. He compared it somewhat to a house in which someone smokes cigarettes. Microscopic particles from the smoke linger for a long time, settling into the carpet and other materials around a home. He said a small child is easily exposed to the carcinogenic as the particles are disturbed.

“Little children are like a vacuum cleaner,” he said. “These particles are being kicked up. It’s obviously extremely dangerous.”

The Nelson County Narcotics Task Force assisted with the arrest and cleanup.

Roby said that while meth use and manufacture seem to be on the decline in surrounding counties, Nelson is still seeing an increase.

“It’s not a drastic increase, but it’s still an increase,” he said.

Daniels was charged with manufacturing meth, wanton endangerment, endangering the welfare of a minor and possession of drug paraphernalia. He was taken to the Nelson County Jail.

Bardstown Police are requesting anyone with information regarding the incident call them at 348-6811.