Two injured in explosions over July 4th weekend

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By Erin L. McCoy

Two people suffered significant injuries from explosive devices during the Independence Day weekend, according to Nelson County EMS Director Joe Prewitt.

Zack Bagwell, 25, Boston, was transported to University Hospital Sunday afternoon after losing at least one finger in an explosion near the Beech Fork River in the Boston area. The Boston Fire Department and EMS met Bagwell at Rust Funeral Home.

“He had totally lost one finger on his right hand and partial dismemberment on the other one,” Boston Fire Chief Tim Vittitow said.

It’s unclear what kind of device exploded, he said.

Another man was injured after an explosion in his brother’s basement. The explosion occurred around 7:53 p.m. Saturday in the basement of Chad Vail’s residence at 108 Lexington Court, according to a Bardstown-Nelson County Fire Department firefighter who was at the scene.

The firefighter said some bottle rockets hanging on a rack in the basement had apparently gone off.

The man was transported to University Hospital with possible burns.

As of press time, it was unclear whether the Lexington Court incident was related to an incident Prewitt mentioned to Nelson Fiscal Court Tuesday.

“One of them about took a garage down,” Prewitt said of an incident in Corvin’s Crossing. He stated that at least one incident had to do with homemade devices that were explosive, with none of them involving conventional fireworks.

According to Nelson County EMS, three people were transported to hospitals due to fireworks or explosives-related injuries during the weekend. None of them occurred July 4.