Third alleged Bardstown Money Gang member arrested

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Douglas faces many charges; arrest clears Huddle House case

By Spencer Jenkins

The last of three men of Nelson County’s Most Wanted was arrested Thursday evening after police received a tip on his whereabouts.

DeAndre L. Douglas, 20, of Lebanon, was arrested at 113 Bard Homes Apartments in Bardstown by Bardstown Police with assistance from the Nelson County Sheriff’s Office, according to a police press release.

Douglas was found in the bathroom and taken into custody without incident, but while he was being taken out to a police cruiser, he attempted to break away from officers, according to the release.

A plastic bag containing suspected cocaine and a 9mm handgun were also seized from the apartment. The items will be tested at the Kentucky State Police crime lab and further charges are expected.

Douglas was wanted for numerous charges, according to the press release. He is believed to be a member of the Bardstown Money Gang, or the BMG, as they call themselves, and that group has allegedly been responsible for several assaults and other crimes in Bardstown.

He was wanted for an assault that occurred in the Huddle House restaurant parking lot on Nov. 24.

During the assault, police say a 62-year-old New Haven man was beaten by Douglas, Darrian D. Ellery, 19, and Martin Barber, 23, all of Bardstown.

“We want to put as many charges on these people as we can if they have committed a crime,” Police Capt. Tom Roby said. “A lifestyle of violence was (Douglas’) choice.”

Roby said the police know the victims have been frustrated with the speed of the investigation, but he said police would rather take a slow and steady investigation and have as many details as possible before they make an arrest.

“He’s been avoiding us, and we searched several homes and locations from tips saying where he was,” Roby said. “We’ve been actively pursuing him, but have been a little behind.”

He added that clearing the case is very rewarding, and the biggest reward is when the community is working with them.

“Citizen input makes our job better and makes us more effective,” Roby said. “With law-abiding citizens, we want to make Bardstown the safest, best small town in America.”

Roby said he and the rest of the department are hoping that younger people who may have looked up to the BMG are re-evaluating their thoughts now that BMG members are beginning to go to jail, and, he hopes, to prison for a very long time.

In addition, Douglas was arrested on numerous charges. They include:

• second-degree assault and complicity to second-degree assault stemming from the Huddle House assault.

• second-degree robbery, stemming from a robbery of a Bardstown resident who had $119 dollars in cash, a cell phone and a jacket taken after being assaulted on Dec. 28 while at the Bardstown Maywood Chevron.

• fleeing or evading police, stemming from a Jan. 5 incident where he fled on foot from police during a traffic stop. During that traffic stop, BMG member Darrian Ellery was arrested on the Huddle House assault indictment warrant.

• resisting arrest after being taken into custody.

• first-degree trafficking cocaine and a traffic violation on a Marion County fugitive warrant

• probation violation warrant from Marion County.

• second-degree fleeing or evading and slander/ contempt of court warrants from Marion County.

• first-degree possession of a controlled substance (cocaine), promoting contraband and disorderly conduct and alcohol intoxication in a public place warrants from Marion County.

Bardstown Police are also pursuing leads on a Sept. 14 attack on a man who was assaulted by a group of men believed to be members of the BMG that occurred on Camptown Road, according to the release. Police believe there were witnesses to that assault and need them to come forward to assist them in solving the case.

“Witnesses could put them away for a very long time if we can build a case,” Roby said.

The investigation is continuing. Bardstown Police are requesting that anyone with information regarding this incident contact them at 348-6811.