Temporary fix needed to be done

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By Staff

It was a job performed well; completed in a timely fashion.

That about sums up the transportation cabinet’s response to potholes on the Blue Grass Parkway’s east-bound ramp off U.S. 150/Springfield Road.

The recent work involved putting down a hot oil mix, covered with cold mix on top. It is basically a temporary fix, subject to the freezing, thawing and heat — which make for a continuous cycle of contraction and expansion. The maintenance work is temporary because all four ramps at the intersection are scheduled to be reconfigured sometime in the next few years — which, of course, is good news for anyone who regularly uses the road as well as for visitors and tourists new to Bardstown.

Crumbling concrete with steel reinforcement bars protruding from the surface was a cause of real concern earlier this fall. Given the unpalatable situation, the highway department took decisive action and the result is that the roadway is once again smooth.

Since it is a temporary solution, the transportation cabinet would do well to schedule periodic checks to ensure the surface remains in decent shape.

It is comforting when we can visually see our taxpayer dollars at work, with positive results, and to know our system is working.