TEE TIME: Golfers aren’t always gentlemen

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Tee Time

By Dennis George

Golf is described as a gentleman’s game, but, unfortunately, golfers don’t always fit that description.

Surely most of you have played with that person who always cuts corners, if you will, so as to win those few extra bucks or to shave a couple of strokes off their score.

They don’t bend the rules; they break them.

And when you see it happen, you don’t know if you should laugh, get upset, or say something.

I’m not talking about picking up a gimme putt or perhaps moving the ball in the fairway. Let’s look at ways some people try to gain an advantage.

Years ago, it was not unusual to walk over to a golf cart and see a big jar of Vaseline in the wire container behind the seat. Big-time gamblers would smear the Vaseline into the clubface to fill the grooves. The purpose? It would reduce the spin imparted on the ball at impact, resulting in straighter shots.

Then there is your opponent who always gains a few inches when he marks his ball on the green. How often have you seen a friend drop his marker onto the green and it lands in front of the ball, and he leaves it there. Of course, that’s the same guy who has to move a marker from someone’s line of putting. He lines his putter up at a target when he moves his mark. When he moves his marker back, he invariably uses a different target to move the ball forward before putting.

Golf carts have not only taken some of the social fun out of the game since the chatter among a foursome is reduced from walking together down the fairway, but they’ve also provided cover for the player who has a bad lie in the rough.

Beware of your friend who always parks his cart between his ball and your position so that you can’t see him nudging his ball into a better lie without being noticed. You can’t accuse him of anything if you don’t have a good view.

How many times have you played in a group that spent a considerable amount of time looking for an errant shot? Everyone knows the general area that the ball land but it can’t be found. Yet the golfer who hit the shot walks 30 yards ahead and 40 yards to the right and declares the ball found. Chances are that he dropped an extra ball down while you weren’t looking.

Now that’s probably the same golfer who hits a ball into the woods, and before you can walk over to help him find the ball, you hear a whack and the ball comes out cleanly.

Do you ever laugh when someone is under a bush and keeps taking practice swings to judge the angle of attack that he must take to avoid hitting branches? He swings a few times and then it appears that he takes a real cut at the ball. Misses everything.

“That was a practice swing,” he sheepishly says while bending down to look at the shot once again.

This last example is one of my favorites, although it’s limited to opponents who may take several strokes on a hole.

Two of my buddies walked off a green one day and both had been all over the place on this particular hole.

“What did you make?” one asked.

“You tell me first,” the other replied.

“I made an eight,” the first golfer said.

“Okay, I made a seven, “his friend said.

“You did not, you made a nine,” came the reply.

Oh well.


It’s not too late to sign up for the Maywood Men’s League. And contrary to what you may think, it is not only for members of the club. It is open to the public.

The weekly nine-hole matches will begin April 23. There are weekly prizes as well the first and second half of the season before a shootout. Call the pro shop at (502) 348-6600.


You’ll be seeing plenty of golfers in town Sunday through Tuesday. St. Catharine College is hosting the Mid-South Conference golf tournament at Maywood. With the number of parents, grandparents and others on hand to watch their favorite school participate, it shows how golf can be a economic stimulus.



Boone’s Butcher Shop Morning League

First place: Wally Bowling/Bobby Lewis (11 points)

Second: Joe Judson/Byron Corbett (8)

Third: Denny Adams/Bill Osbourne and Joe Clayton/Mike Wheatley (tied with 7.5)

Low gross: Wally Bowling (36)

Low net: Wally Bowling and Larry Ball (tied with 33)

Closest to the hole: Joe Judson (#2) and Dennis Lee (#7)


Boone’s Butcher Shop Afternoon League

First place: Joe Burks//Chad Johnson (11 points)

Second: Joe Judson/Chip Spalding (9.5)

Third: Bard Wise/Jamie Dugan (9)

Low gross: Bard Wise (1-under par 34)

Low net: Terry Shelburne (32)

Closest to the hole: Bill Osbourne (#2) and Doug Lyvers (#7)


Maywood Triple Play Tournament

First place: Ty Puryear/Lowell Meyers (63.3)

Second: Willie Edelen/Justin Culver (64.3)

Third: Phillip Dahl/Rich Mayberry (64.7)


Dennis George is a contributing writer for The Kentucky Standard and can be reached at dmg11854@gmail.com.