STRAIGHT ARROW: Youth turkey season almost here

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Straight Arrow

By Gene Culver

The youth turkey season opens for the weekend of April 2-3. From all the turkeys I have been seeing from the road, and if the weather cooperates, the kids should have a real good spring season.

A couple of weeks ago, Eric and I saw two gobblers in full strut in a flock of about 15 hens. While these birds are on a farm, we don’t have permission to hunt, it is a good indication the birds are starting to get into the mood for breeding season.

Hunting during the youth-only spring season is restricted to kids ages 15 and younger.

Kids ages 12-15 will need to purchase a $6 annual youth hunting license and either a youth turkey permit good for one turkey in the spring or fall, or they can purchase a Youth Sportsman’s License for $30. This license includes the youth hunting license, two youth deer permits and two youth turkey permits.

The youth license and permits are good for the entire year if they are bought before the kid’s 16th birthday.

Children younger than 12 years old can hunt turkeys and are exempt from the above license and permit requirements.

Legal weapons are shotguns, 10 gauge down to the .410, shot size can be no larger than No. 4, and the gun must be plugged to hold a maximum of three shells. Longbows, recurve and compound bows of any draw weight are legal, as well as crossbows of any draw weight with a working safety. The broadheads can be expandable or non-expandable, with a 7/8-inch cutting diameter.

For safety reasons, kids hunting turkeys with a firearm must be accompanied by an adult who has to be in a position to take control of the firearm at all times.

I hope this information is helpful for our young hunters, and l also want to wish you all a safe and successful spring season.


Local archer and outdoorsman Gene Culver operates the Bent Arrow Archery Shop (www.bentarrowarchery.com) with his wife, Bonnie. Contact them at 549-8119 with questions.