STRAIGHT ARROW: Turkey hunting with Hannah

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Straight Arrow

By Gene Culver

My 10-year-old granddaughter Hannah has been turkey hunting five times this season, but so far the turkeys haven’t cooperated. All these hunts have been morning hunts, when Hannah and her dad get up between 4:30 and 5 a.m., depending on where they are going to hunt.

Hannah and Eric had hunted last Saturday morning, and had watched hens in the field, but no gobblers had shown up. When they got home, they filled me in on their hunt and asked if I would like to go with them Sunday morning. After hunting 12 mornings by myself, I jumped at the chance to get to spend the morning with them. Actually I would ride to the farm with them, Hannah and Eric would set up a blind in a field where they had been hearing a gobbler, while I would hike to the highest ridge on the farm, set up and listen for gobbles.

Hannah and Eric picked me up before 5 a.m., and Hannah said I had to ride in the back seat. She started out pretty talkative, but as we drove into a heavy rainshower about half way to the farm, she fell asleep. The rain stopped just as we arrived, and we let Hannah sleep a little longer as we waited for the eastern sky to lighten just enough that we wouldn’t have to use a flashlight to find our way in.

We woke Hannah up and soon we were splitting up. I wished Hannah good luck and moved on toward the high ridge. As I sat under a thick-limbed white oak tree, it started raining again. A couple of light showers blew through the area, but the tree kept me dry and I knew Hannah and Eric would stay dry in the blind.

We had decided to meet at the truck at approximately 10 a.m., so after not seeing or hearing anything, I slowly started that way at 9:30.

Hannah and Eric had not seen or heard any birds either, but Hannah was not a bit discouraged and didn’t seem tired at all. Eric said no wonder she wasn’t tired — she had slept about three hours while they were in the blind. On the way home Hannah talked about having two more chances to hunt turkeys before the season would end on Sunday.


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