STRAIGHT ARROW: 6 more days

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Straight Arrow

By Gene Culver

With only six days until opening morning of the 2017 archery deer season, if you haven’t already checked your equipment, it needs to be done before you trust it hunting.

Look at the string and cable on a one-cam or the string and two cables on a twin-cam or no-cam bow, and on some bows you will also have a yoke system. Every part of the system needs to be looked at. Any serving that is coming loose, any frayed or broken strands indicate a problem, and sometimes they can be repaired, but if they are more than three years old, it is probably best to replace them. Also, look closely at your string loop, and if there is any fraying be sure to change it before it breaks.

Check your peep sight, especially if it has latex tubing that guarantees the peep will turn right. Pull the tubing slightly, looking for dry-rot cracks, but if the tubing hasn’t been changed since last year it should be now.

Take a quick look at your arrow rest. Normally you should not have a problem here, but it doesn’t hurt to check. If you are using a drop-away rest, check the timing rope for frays or cuts and change it if it shows any damage.

To check the limbs on your bow, I like to use a paper towel to rub along the limbs. This will show you a limb that had a crack by snagging the towel and not your hand.

Check the timing on your bow, and if it is out of time, have it adjusted.

Look your arrows over. If you use carbon arrow shafts, check them for cracks, and if any are damaged, dispose of them. If you are using aluminum shafts, look for bent shafts, cracks or dents. Also inspect the nocks for cracks, or if they are not clicking on the string like they should, replace them. Make sure there are no missing or torn fletching, and if there is, have them repaired. Lastly — and what I consider most important to a bowhunter — make sure your broadheads are razor-sharp, and you should be ready for opening day.

Keep safety in mind as you head out to bowhunt this year, and have a wonderful time in the Whitetail woods. I hope everyone has an enjoyable and successful season!


Local archer and outdoorsman Gene Culver operates the Bent Arrow Archery Shop (www.bentarrowarchery.com) with his wife, Bonnie. Contact them at 549-8119 with questions.