The right to choose begins before conception

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By Staff

To the editor:

A few days ago, you published a letter from a man in Bloomfield, who stated he was pro-life but supported a woman’s right to choose, abortion ie., murder. The right to choose begins before the procreative act, not after. Nowhere in natural law, civil law, and certainly in God’s law, does the right to murder the unborn exist. Yes, there are some very sad and tragic situations in which choice was not an option, but murder is not a solution in this situation. Love, compassion, and attention to the material needs of the mother and child, and severe punishment for the criminal are what is needed. Now comes this so-called right to privacy. Certainly all of us have a right to privacy, but how does that confer a right to murder the unborn?

Mark Reding

7530 Stiles Road