Readers' Views: Landline telephones are still important

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The General Assembly was considering a bill that could have left low-income Kentuckians and seniors without reliable landline service.

Basic telephone service is not a luxury; it’s what consumers know as “plain old telephone service” (POTS), with no frills and unlimited local calling for one flat charge. Landlines from the traditional phone company are still the only option for affordable and reliable telephone service for many Kentuckians.

Over 10,000 Kentuckians living on low and fixed incomes depend on telephones to maintain social contact, preserve health and safety, and gain assistance in an emergency. In some cases it can be the difference between life and death.

The guarantee of landline telephone services to every Kentucky home is a legal right many of us have never questioned.

But Senate Bill 99 would have put reliable phone service at risk for all Kentucky consumers.

Thankfully, the House leadership wisely rejected passage of telephone deregulation. Too many Kentuckians still want and need their plain old telephone line. Seniors, and all Kentuckians, will continue to get the phone service they need for their safety and security.

Judy Cederholm

230 Demaree Dr.