READERS’ VIEWS: May 30, 2014

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Officials should take care of local problems, not state’s

I am writing this article to ask Nelson County residents and voters to ask their elected officials to control their urges to spend their money allocations. These allocations are given to each official to fund programs and road repairs in their districts.

In recent years, they have seen fit to use some of their money to help fund state projects to get them done.

I, for one, think that while this may be politically beneficial to them, it does little to take care of the local residents’ needs. For example, if the state is asked to fix a bridge or road, they put it on a plan based on urgency and funding.

Now, local government decides to push the project faster by helping pay for the project by kicking in some of their allocated money. This all sounds fine until we look at our local needs, for example, county roads only wide enough for one car and that need to be widened; bridges that flood every time it rains and need to be replaced; roads in bad shape that need to be repaired and black-topped, to mention a few. These things can’t be fixed if we spend our allocations on state-funded projects.

$100,000, $200,000, even $300,000 may not seem like much to our local officials, but, to me, it’s an awful lot of money that needs to be spent on local taxpayers’ needs.

The state takes care of their projects; we need to take care of ours. I just wanted to bring this situation to taxpayers’ attention. I want the most out of my tax dollars, and I think you do, too.

Talk to your elected officials. Let them know you want them to take care of your problems, not theirs.

Shirley Mattingly

4201 Woodlawn Road