Reader takes issue with recent letter on abortion

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By Staff

To the editor:

This letter is in response to the comments of Cathy Lawrence Targonski in her letter printed in The Standard Nov. 7, 2007.

As a member of the Bloomfield City Council, I am a politician, albeit at a very low level. I am opposed to abortion. I am also Pro-Choice. I neither consider myself spineless nor hypocritical in my position and I take personal affront to this unfair characterization.

As a member of a city council, I am not likely to find myself in a position of deciding the legality of abortion. I do, however, have insight into the process involved in taking a political position. I am a representative of those who elected me. As a representative of my constituency, I am responsible to them, their positions, and their desires. For example, if the general consensus of the people of Bloomfield was that all businesses be forced to be smoke-free, I would have to vote for that, even though I am a smoker and would personally disagree with the law.

As a man, I will never be faced with the prospect of being pregnant as the result of rape or incest. I will never have to decide between my own life and the life of my unborn fetus. I will never be a 16-year-old girl faced with the life-changing outcome of a moment of weakness. I am opposed to abortion in the abstract, but how can I, as a man, make that decision for a woman? How can I, as a legislator, make that decision for a woman I do not even know? The answer: I can’t. What I can do is work to ensure that when these women make the decision to get an abortion, they can have it done in a safe, sterile environment by a competent and compassionate professional with a trained staff.

As a member of the “seemingly mindless society” to which Ms. Targonski refers, I believe that she is grossly disingenuous. Disagreeing with her position does not make anyone mindless. I have spent considerable time contemplating my position on this issue. I have searched my heart and my mind to reach my position. To assume that others have not done the same is silly and disrespectful.

I respect Ms. Targonski’s position and her courage to voice it publicly. I know that there are options to abortion and I hope that any woman considering an abortion investigates those options before making her decision. I also hope that those who oppose her decision to abort will be compassionate and understanding, not derisive and cruel.

This is an issue that will outlive all of us, I am sure.

Walt Pozgay

175 Fairfield Hill