Pigtail problems?

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Library hosts daddy-daughter hair class

By Kacie Goode

Sorting through colorful hair ties and trying to figure out what the “stuff in the can” was, several area men were getting a grip on all things girly Wednesday with a daddy-daughter hair class at the Nelson County Public Library.


“I’ve really been trying to find something like this, it was awesome,” said Matt Stice, who was there with his daughter, Audrey. “I did my first ponytail.”

Two Fantastic Sams hair stylists led the 12 adults and several little girls in the class.

Whitney Parkerson, who has two years experience, and Ellie Hurst, who has nearly eight years experience, demonstrated basic and easy hairstyles on model Molly Parkerson.

“Hair-do time is a big part of our morning,” Hurst said of her family, adding that even at work they’ve encountered dads who understand the struggle of fixing a little girl’s hair.

The pair showed the dads how to create a tight, but comfortable, ponytail and pigtails, and then traveled around the room demonstrating styles on request.

“Anything besides a ponytail,” dad Joey Schat said as he worked to style his daughter’s hair.

Next to him, Brent Long was learning how to create a “messy bun” and Nick Redner was getting advice on how to fix his little girl’s extremely curly locks.

The dads came out for different reasons, whether it was as primary caregivers for their daughters or wanting to brush up on their skills.

“I thought it would be something fun to do,” said Aaron Thomas, who attended with his daughter, Leona. “Mom usually takes care of the hair, but I want to be ready if she’s not around.”

It wasn’t just dads who benefited from Wednesday’s event. Brian Burba was there with his granddaughter, Lily.

“I usually get her up, get her dressed and get her to daycare before I go to work,” Burba said.

Carrie McDonald, a library employee, also attended with her 5-year-old, Sydney, and 6-year-old, Julia, with the hope of learning a few handy tricks. The two girls’ hair was also very different.

“I don’t know anything about hair,” McDonald said, joking, “I’m worse than the guys.”

Holly Lawrence, reference librarian, said the event had more participation than initially anticipated and was something the library would likely host again in the future.

“I think it was really popular,” she said.

The library is not alone in picking up on dads wanting to learn hair care. In recent years, videos and photos across the country of dads offering morning routine tips and tutorials with daughters have gone viral.

In Florida, a single class for local fathers grew into an online community called Daddy Daughter Hair Factory to teach dads and other caregivers how to style hair.