Others care about Stoners Chapel cemetery

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By Staff

To the editor:

I personally know the farmer (Michael Evans) mentioned in the Sept. 28 article concerning the Stoners Chapel Cemetery and as he said “cows want shade” and will find a way to get to it. Previously, I have helped the farmer and my husband to put fence around the cemetery. Evans has put fence around the cemetery many times with money from his own pocket even though he leases the farm from a Louisville doctor. The doctor’s son lives in the house on the property.

Is Evans or others willing to financially help with maintaining the cemetery even if he is physically unable to do the labor? As any farmer can tell you, labor isn’t cheap and farming isn’t a lucrative business. I’d be willing to physically help with putting up the fence if the financing of the fence posts and woven wire fence was there.

I’m not just writing in support of the farmer’s plight of keeping a fence up but as someone interested in genealogy. I have visited Stoners Chapel Cemetery many times to take pictures of the stones and to look for ones others say are there. I’ve been in the cemetery when weeds were above my head and when they were totally gone. I couldn’t just sit by and let Evans make it seem that no one cared.

Rhonda Wathen

602 Greer Lane