Mura joins Standard newsroom as intern

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By Staff

The Kentucky Standard welcomed a new Kentucky Press Association intern Monday who will be reporting for the paper over a 10-week period.

Chris Mura, a 19-year-old journalism student at Indiana University, will be taking on a full reporter’s job over the summer as the next step toward a career in journalism after graduation. She was previously a beat reporter for the Indiana Daily Student specializing in student government and political coverage.

Mura, a Louisville native, said she looks forward to getting to know Bardstown and working with people other than students. The Standard was her first choice because it is drivable and has a reputation for thorough journalism.

“As a beat reporter at a college newspaper, I had a limited range of things I could cover,” Mura said. “I’m excited to expand my range and keep my skills sharp during the summer.”

Mura said she looks forward to working with people who do not also have to worry about maintaining a GPA. Though she has no experience with journalism stretched over the course of a regular workday, she said she welcomes the challenge of filling the hours with quality work and finding impactful stories in a small town.

She also looks forward to getting more practice with photojournalism, a skill required of any graduating journalist and one that she will study in the coming year. Most importantly, Mura said, she hopes to find a good spot to eat lunch.

Editor Forrest Berkshire said Mura would be an asset to the newspaper and the community during the summer.

“Chris is an outstanding young student journalist and will provide our newsroom with a fresh perspective that comes with new eyes on a community,” Berkshire said. “She is here to learn what daily, full-time journalism is all about. She might be an intern, but she will be a full member of the team and hopefully walk away with the experience to further her goals and career. Nelson County is a great place for an introduction to journalism.”