Letter: ‘It restored my faith in people again’

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The news lately is all bad. Everything is politics or something bad. You get a few good stories, but it’s not something that you really care about. But I hope this is something other people can look at and it makes them happy.

My fiancé and I were at Walmart about four nights ago with almost $200 worth of food in our cart. We get food stamps, but our card wasn’t working. We were going to put our groceries up and go home, but the lady behind us, a woman we had never met, told us not to worry about it and paid for all of our food. It made us cry. She would not give us her name, but I hope she sees this and knows that she helped us a lot.

To the lady who did this for us, we wanted to send a heartfelt thank you out to her. It was so sweet, especially with some of the bad things going on in our family that she didn’t even know about. People are so mean sometimes, but then this happened and it restored my faith in people again.

Michael and Tabby Montalvo