The Holy Bible is the perfect guide for living

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By Staff

To the editor:

As atheists come out of the closet with books and movies, a few words about God might be in order. Suppose you’re stopped at a traffic light on a multi-lane highway and the car on your right starts easing backwards. You push harder on the brake to make sure that you are not moving forward. Then suppose the car on your left starts easing forward and the light is still red. You wonder what is going on and check yourself by looking at the street sign for a guide. Now suppose the street sign is moving, also. You’re confused. The Holy Bible is like an unmoving street sign and is the only substantiated record of God’s dealing with mankind and perfect guide for living. No God; no guide. Atheists such as Hitler, Lenin, Stalin and Mao were responsible for 100 million killed while God-guided. America freed 500 million (Europe, northern Africa.).

Where did:

So many countries get the idea of constitutions?

So much of great music come from?

Modern science come from? From 1600 until about 1920 or so nearly all scientists were Christians or Jews.

Ninety-eight percent of medical and technological advances come from? Christians and Jews.

Most great artists come from?

The first 136 colleges and universities in America come from? Christians.

Most help in natural disasters come from? The Red Cross, Salvation and the American military.

People rarely attack Buddha, Mohammed or early Hindu leaders because they are dead, but some love to attack Jesus because He is alive. If you don’t believe He is alive, ask Him.

J.B. Armstrong

1903 Stringtown Road