A hands-on geography lesson

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Bluegrass Christian Academy’s sixth-graders learn first-hand about geography by creating their own topographical maps of North and South America. “Since we can’t very well travel to the Amazon or the northern-most parts of Canada and Greenland, we got together and made maps of the countries and regions of our choice,” said Carter Lasure, sixth-grade history and geography teacher. “By using the age-old technique of good old-fashioned flour, salt, and water, the students created their maps. The maps revealed the Rockies and Appalachian Mountains, along with the Gulf of Mexico, Panama Canal, Honduras, and the peninsulas of Alaska, Florida, Baja California, and the Yucatan.  Some maps were even detailed enough to reveal the Baffin, Hudson, and Campeche Bays,” Lasure added. “This is so cool,” says Anna Vincent. “You can literally feel the mountain ranges and everything.”  “Painting the details is the most fun,” Lauren Carrico added. “Just look how it makes everything so much more clean.”


The BCA students quickly realized that history and geography required thorough study to master.  “This stuff isn’t easy,” chimed Dallas Beasley. “We have to really get down and work hard to learn all of those map facts. Whew! Thank goodness, we took a break from studying for a while to make these maps. They are so neat.”