Growing up in Bardstown, Ky.

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By Carrie Pride

Well, someone came up with a great idea. The new Facebook page titled “Growing Up in Bardstown, KY” has skyrocketed in membership and viewership. I am so excited to be a part of something that is not only popular in content but enjoyable in readership.

Everyone has a memory in their childhood that stands out more than any other and it is so amazing to read about them and how the “six degrees of separation” has definitely been proven to be true.

I left my hometown when I was very young and moved out west, so there are lots of people that I lost touch with and when I got on Facebook it really helped me rekindle old friendships. And now, not only can I occasionally touch base with those old friends and classmates but share in their memories of adolescent mischief and school.

I have scanned old photos and put them in albums on my page and some people can’t see them for some reason. I recall carrying a camera wherever I went as a teenager from holidays with family, walking to Walgreen’s Drug Store after church or just hanging out on the corner.

I guess I found my calling sooner than I knew what I wanted to do in life. I was the features editor on the school newspaper with Ms. Rebecca “Becky” Waldorf and I had a photography class with Mr. Johnson — I think that was his name?  I’m sure you all will correct me if I’m wrong.

I enjoyed school for the most part and I made good grades. Some of the classes were not as — dare I say — interesting as some. I reveled more when my intellect was challenged in classes such as English, Science and History. The more reading the better.

 “Shut the front door,” I was a nerd.

I loved writing — I know, go figure, but I was also quite social, which any of my teachers will attest to as far back as grade school. I would bring home my report cards with checkmarks for passing grades but there was always a note in the comments section that I was quite the chatterbox. I have no idea what that was about.

I don’t know what it is: I can talk, listen to music and watch TV and still get the job done. Totally the opposite of ADD. I wonder if there is a diagnosis for my condition, like SUM (Shut your mouth) or CLB (Cállate la boca, Spanish for shut your mouth) — OK, same thing, but you get my drift.

To be honest I wasn’t a disturbance in the class because I was pretty sneaky with it but I got caught once by Mr. Burr in biology. Me, Shonna and Patti were gabbing as usual and he never said anything. But he got me on my grade. He gave me a “C” on my worksheet and when I asked about it he said “If you stop talking sometime you might see an improvement.” So I did, and I did.

I learned a valuable lesson that day.

Another lesson in doing what you are told was ironically given to me by Mr. Burr’s wife, Mrs. Libby Burr. (I’m sorry I still can’t call them by their first names, but I’m trying.) Anyway we were not supposed to chew gum in gym class and in my usual defiant way, I did anyway. Mrs. Burr was helping me with one of the exercises and when I bent over my gum fell out of my mouth (get the lesson of keep your mouth shut) and she gave me three laps around the gym. I will never forget it and I will never forget them — they were never hard on me, just honest.

Last but not least, my favorite teacher was Ms. Evelyn Oakley in B&O (Business and Office) class. She taught me to be organized, prompt and professional. Every now and again she would sneak by my desk here and say, “Good job.” It still makes an impression on me what she thinks after all these years.

I didn’t mean to go on and on but the memories are still flowing. Maybe I’d better get back online.