Editorial: Monuments and tributes honor those who fought for our freedom

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By The Kentucky Standard Editorial Board

The county’s latest tribute to local veterans is taking shape in Bloomfield thanks to Marylou Muir Crume.

Crume, who is originally from Bloomfield, has been working to create a pictorial Veterans Wall at the American Legion Post 288 to honor local veterans from the Bloomfield, Chaplin and Fairfield areas.

Crume said the project was important to her because of her dad, Nat J. “Sonny” Muir, who served in World War II and was the former Post 288 commander. The new Veterans Wall features 8x10 framed photos with labels and includes past and current residents.

Throughout Nelson County, there are many tributes and memorials to local veterans who served their country in New Haven, Bardstown and now, Bloomfield.

Whether its photos, plaques or their names engraved in stone, honoring all that served our great nation and especially those who paid the ultimate sacrifice is important. We need these daily visible reminders to us and future generations of the remarkable men and women who have so bravely fought for our freedom.

It’s also about the personal sacrifices of veterans and active military alike. Whether they served in World War II, fought in the jungles of Vietnam, tracked through the mountains of Afghanistan or the Iraqi desert, our brave men and women have protected us and defended our freedoms. It’s not asking too much to remember and honor the sacrifices, courage and patriotism of those who served.

As new memorials and tributes, to both past and present conflicts, continue to be erected in our community we need to pause and appreciate the selflessness, sacrifice and bravery of the men and women who are being honored. We are a better and safer nation because of their service.