Downtown area in need of a facelift

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By Staff

Many of us tend to think of Bardstown as a quintessential, historic Kentucky community, with a quaintness and charm that resonates from our historic downtown through Museum Row, Bardstown Village, and on to the My Old Kentucky Home, the J. Dan Talbott Amphitheatre, and all around.

That’s why it is so very important to preserve and enhance our past for today and tomorrow’s generations — part of what the Bardstown streetscape project and downtown renewal visions are all about.

Without question, we are blessed with a community of living history, but sadly it is also easy to see where some of our more valued treasures have been neglected and decay is setting in. In honesty, downtown needs something short of an extreme makeover, but rather an aesthetic facelift that complements rather than overshadows our assets. It must be functional as well, giving highest priority to pedestrian traffic and safety.

We applaud those who are giving tirelessly of their energies on working on behalf of the rest of us. The short list would include Rita Riley, chair of Bardstown Main Street as well as the special grant steering committee which includes Josh Hornbeck, John Kelley, Kim Huston, Joe Buckman, Larry Green, Frank Wilson, Larry Hamilton, Don Parrish, Mary Carey, Mayor Heaton, Judge Watts, David Hall, Patty Dunaway, Chuck Parrish, Paul McCoy, Brent Sweger, Pen Bogert, Bobby Simpson, Stephen Hibbs, and Bill Ellis. Others work behind the scenes and go unnamed.

These can be exciting times for Bardstown, as a progressive community is moving forward. It is seed planting time right now and a call is being sounded to catch the spirit and become involved in these initiatives which are sure to give fruition.