Don’t forget U.S. soldiers still fighting in Iraq

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By Staff

To the editor:

I’m asking Kentuckians to not forget the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan still risking their lives daily in the name of freedom and justice.

There is no question they have completely turned around the Iraq war with their sacrifices and never given up attitude. Our soldiers have constantly dealt with criticism from the drive-by media along with nonstop calls for surrender and defeat by Washington’s top Democrats — Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid just to name two. To continue to deny the recent progress on the ground is simply using our soldiers and the war as political talking points. These days it’s hard to find any media reporting from the front lines, not because there’s not a story to tell, but because it’s not the stories they like — the good news stories of progress.

American soldiers are proving no one should doubt their ability to fight and win at all costs, regardless of who says they can’t. Freedom “is” on the march in the troubled Middle East. Terrorist dictators be warned: The United States military is never going to back down.

Chad Greenwell

7906 New Hope Road

New Hope