Cell phone use is becoming unwelcomed

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By Staff

To the editor:

This is for all who own a cell phone, especially those with a cell phone that is probably one step away from being implanted in your head. You know who you are.

We are a society in which everything can be at your beck and call. Within a second, barely blink your eyes and all the information you want or need is right there at your fingertips, just think it and you have it, say the word and it is yours.

With all this new and improved “communication” always comes consequences. You lose touch with human emotion, you are oblivious to others around you as you talk with someone on a phone you are acutely unaware of the aggravated person waiting behind you while you take your time taking up the aisle. You half-heartedly participate in a conversation while reading a text message you just received, then reply to that text not even noticing someone who was standing in front of you talking to a “brick wall” has moved on in disgust at your complete ignorance of his or her presence. You only slightly pay attention to the fact that, while you were discussing the dinner possibilities with your significant other, you almost hit a mother and her child crossing the street. Or worse yet, bringing the cell phone into church service and not turning it off! Talk about irreverence! While others are trying to worship, your cell phone is ringing some ridiculous ring tone such as AC/DC’s “Shook Me All Night Long.” That will not put those attending church in the mood for worship.

I am going to say what people like me are thinking: Please turn off the cell phone when you enter the church. Don’t use it while driving, period. Don’t sneak around the corner at work 400 times a day and text your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, grandma or whoever, because you don’t get paid to push the buttons on your little phone. Unless you forgot what you are getting at the store, leave the cell phone in your pocket or purse, don’t pull it out to talk with your friend about the wild weekend you had, the other people who are shopping don’t want to hear the contents of your private conversations. Most of all show respect when someone is taking the time to talk with you in person and ignore the urge to answer your incoming call or text, because if it is a real emergency, the two seconds that it will take to politely end a conversation with that someone you are with in person, isn’t going to make a difference anyway.

Let’s get back to the basics, respecting the dignity of others, taking the time to enjoy and appreciate the gift of silence, carrying a two-way, engaging conversation with a human being face to face, and most importantly, worshiping your God with your complete attention. Doesn’t He deserve to be honored without distraction?

Here’s to not following trends.

Vanessa Hurst

6772 Nat Rogers Rd