Boston Oyster Supper to celebrate 95th year Saturday

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By Erin L. McCoy

The Boston Oyster Supper will offer its 95th year of fun, community spirit, and of course, rolled oysters as the annual event returns to Boston School this Saturday. 

Each year, the supper raises funds to support the education of Boston School students.

“Most of our proceeds go to pay for field trips for the students to enhance their learning environment,” said Lisa Barnes, president of the Boston School Parent-Teacher Association, which organizes the events.

Proceeds also pay for two $500 scholarships for graduating seniors who attended Boston School.

But the oyster supper is not just about the school — it’s about Boston as a whole.

“Originally the oyster supper kind of started as a gathering for people in the community,” Barnes said.

In fact, as many as 1,500 people have attended the supper in recent years, by Barnes’ estimation.

“We roll about 2,400 oysters,” she said. “Last year I had maybe 10 that were actually rolled left over.”

But not everybody eats oysters. Visitors can purchase oyster platters for $10 and turkey platters for $9. Each come with three sides, dessert and a drink. Sides include green beans, potato salad, cole slaw and oyster stew. Hot dogs are available for children, Barnes said.

Eating isn’t the only thing visitors do at the Boston Oyster Supper. Games are available for kids and adults, including a cake wheel, cornhole, leap frog, a lollipop wheel and a duck pond. Visitors can purchase tickets to participate.

An auction will kick off at 8 p.m.

“All our auction items — they are donated, and Larry Jury is our auctioneer. He’s graciously done that for several, several years,” Barnes said. “We have just a multitude of items, from gift certificates to Hopper passes from Disney World.”

Boston School teachers also create baskets around a theme, such as hunting or scrapbooking, for the auction.

Meanwhile, organizers will raffle a quilt and a “barrel of groceries.”

“We also have what we call a little country store, where people can donate crafts … or sometimes if they’d like to do a baked good,” Barnes said.

In fact, anyone interested in donating auction items or items for the little country store will still have time to contribute before the event, either by calling Boston School at (502) 833-4644 or Barnes at (502) 507-4464. Volunteers to roll oysters the day of or the day before the event are also welcome.

“A lot of the students and parents volunteer a lot of their time,” Barnes said.

Dinner and games will be 4-8 p.m. at Boston School, with the auction starting at 8 p.m.


Erin L. McCoy can be reached at emccoy@kystandard.com.