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The City of Bardstown issues this “Boil Water Advisory”, Thursday, March 31, 2011 for all customers on Bellwood Road from Brothers Lane south, including customers on Greenwell Ford Road, Leamon Ford Road, Humphrey Lane, Bennetts Lane and Joe Nally Lane.  due to a water main break. Customers may experience low or intermittent water pressure, and, therefore, drinking water should be boiled as a precautionary measure. Repairs are being made. Please follow the following procedures.


This boil water advisory notice will be in effect for approximately 2-3 days. The City will notify customers when the advisory lifted. If discoloration or air persists, please call City Hall at 502-348-5947, ext. 2226



What To Do When There Is A Boil Water Advisory : Guidance For The Consumer


A Boil Water Advisory  is placed on a Public Water System when there is an imminent risk to public health related to the drinking water. The most common reasons for a Boil Water Order are the possible presence of E. coli bacteria in the water, the occurrence of zero or negative pressure in a water system, or the operational failure of a disinfection system. When a Public Water System is on a Boil Water Advisory, many questions arise from consumers on what this means. Included below are questions that are commonly asked and answers that address the issues.


What should I do now that I have received the Boil Water Advisory ? You should boil, for at least five (5) minutes, any water you are going to consume which includes drinking water, washing vegetables or other foods, brushing teeth, or making ice.


Why do I have to boil the water? A system is placed on a Boil Water Advisory because something has happened that could introduce harmful bacteria into the water system. In order to kill the bacteria in the water, making it safe to drink, the water needs to be boiled for at least five (5) minutes. In most circumstances today, people will choose to use bottled water instead of boiling and cooling off the water before use.


I got the Boil Water Advisory notice this afternoon and I just finished making and feeding formula to my baby and my kids have been drinking the water all week… what do I do now? Consuming water with harmful bacteria in it commonly causes gastro intestinal distress that includes upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. If you have been drinking water from a water system that has been placed on a Boil Water Advisory, be aware of the common symptoms that can occur and if they do occur, consult your local physician and discuss the Boil Water Order with him or her. Specific medical tests will help identify that drinking water is or is not the cause of the symptoms and the type of treatment that will be appropriate.


Can I brush my teeth with the water since I am not drinking it? Getting water into your mouth is a form of “consumption” and can introduce harmful bacteria in water into your body. For this reason you should use boiled or bottled water for brushing your teeth.

What about bathing in the water? A Boil Water Advisory is issued to prevent “consuming” the water without boiling it first. Since the bacteria considered here is not absorbed through the skin, water from the tap can be used for showering or bathing as long as care is taken not to get the water in your eyes, nose, and mouth. To help control this, you might choose to shower from the neck down and wash your hair in the sink. For babies and young children, it is recommended that you use a sponge bath method to avoid the child’s hands and fingers getting the water into their mouths.


What about making coffee? Since almost all coffee makers today do not boil the water for five (5) minutes therefore do not thoroughly disinfect the water, we recommend using bottled water for making coffee when on a Boil Water Order.


What about washing dishes? If you have a dishwasher with a high temperature setting and the dished are dried before use, this is believed to be an adequate disinfection process. If you have a more industrial dish washer with a chemical disinfection cycle, that is a more sure way of disinfecting dishes. If you do not have a high temperature cycle on the dishwasher, it is recommended that you rinse the dishes in the sink with a tablespoon of household bleach on the water, the same process that would be recommended if you are washing dishes by hand.


Will this water be a problem for my pets? Many pets will be unaffected by consuming water under a Boil Water Advisory but some may be affected. As a precautionary measure, we recommend including the pet in the Boil Water Order and feeding them bottled water. For specific guidance for your individual pet, we recommend that you contact a veterinarian.