BCS forms committee to hear clinic provider proposals

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By Kacie Goode

A new committee has been tasked with hearing proposals from health care providers to serve the Bardstown City Schools’ on-site clinic, and those presentations begin as early as next week.

The Health Clinic Provider Committee met for the first time Tuesday, where BCS Superintendent Brent Holsclaw explained operations before excusing himself from the remainder of the process.

The committee, which named Bardstown Elementary Principal Paul Bowling as chair, consists of Felicia Flanagan, school nurse; Ann Guthrie, a middle school teacher; Jennifer Shrewsbury, board member; and Rachel Briney, who does community education with the local Health Department. The group briefly discussed how it would handle interviews and what they would look for from providers, including how they would promote healthy living in the district and how they would stay in contact with other physicians that may serve a family.

Holsclaw, at the district’s regular August Board of Education meeting, announced the committee would be created and the provider selection reopened for the clinic.

“We are opening this back up to see if there are other health service providers that might be interested in working with our school system,” Holsclaw said after making the initial announcement of the committees’ formation.

The clinic recently completed a pilot year under the provider Physicians to Children. At the time of Tuesday’s meeting, Holsclaw knew of two providers who had shown interest in the clinic. The position is open to hospitals, pediatricians and those in general practice, Holsclaw said.

The clinic serves as a resource for district students to be evaluated, treated and even prescribed on school grounds, with parental permission. But it’s possible that clinic operations could see some changes with a new agreement. Last year, the clinic only saw students, but it’s possible it could now serve district staff and their families as well, so long as a provider could treat children and adults.

Before departing the meeting, Holsclaw emphasized the process, while quick, would be public, and meetings would be announced to local media.

The committee will review proposals next week, with presentations limited to 45 minutes, and a recommendation will be presented to the Board for consideration at its meeting Sept. 19. The selected provider will serve the clinic for the remainder of this school year, and will renew for one-year terms, not to exceed three years.

Providers have until 4 p.m. Friday to present intent to the Central Office. A copy of the committee’s request for proposals document can be viewed on the district’s website.